Caring For Soft Fruit Bearing Trees

The Care of Apricots Apricots flower even earlier than peaches so that some kind of covering (hessian, old curtains etc.) should be held in readiness for evenings when frost threatens. They are self-fertile but unless flying insects are plentiful hand pollination is helpful (distributing the pollen with a camel’s-hair brush or wisp of cottonwool). Two … Read more

Growing Blackberries

Blackberries are vigorous and exceptionally spiny, hardy perennial cane fruits belonging to the genus Rubus. The species and hybrids listed below are grown for dessert, bottling, tarts, jam and wine. Soil Blackberries prefer deep, moist and rich loam but are adaptable to light sands and stiff clays, given free drainage and freedom from perennial weeds. … Read more