Bathroom Handyman Tips

Boxing-in pipes If the pipes protrude less than 50mm from the wall, the sides of the boxing can be made from 50 x 25mm timber fixed to timber blocks, which in turn are fixed to the wall using wallplugs and screws. Then screw a chipboard or plywood cover to the side pieces. If the pipes … Read more

Bathroom Improvement Ideas

The mood of the bathroom has changed dramatically over the last 25 years, more so than any other area in the whole house. It’s far less clinical now, perhaps reflecting our less puritanical attitudes to our bodies. FITTINGS The basic British standard bath is 1.65 m x 75 cm x approx. 50 cm high (5ft … Read more

How To Clean A Bathroom

Home Maintenance In The Bathroom This may also double as a mini-laundry room, where underwear and the occasional shirt may be hand washed, or where nappies may be put to soak. Although the room may appear to be clean, regular attention is necessary to destroy germs. Standard equipment varies, but normally there will be a … Read more

Designing A Bathroom

A sybaritic bathroom, complete with sunken bath, marble surrounds and lounging area, is neither within the means nor to the taste of most people. On the other hand, a coldly cramped bathroom with minimum facilities can cause mounting tension over the years, especially where there is a growing family or elderly grandparents as well as … Read more

Curing Scratches and Chips in Baths

Curing Scratches and Chips in Baths

SIMPLE BATHROOM REPAIRS Don’t let niggling little faults or unexpected problems ruin your bathtimes — most of them can be put right in a short time and no special skills are needed for the repairs shown here CURING SCRATCHES AND CHIPS Acrylic baths are prone to scratches, while an enamelled bath will chip if anything … Read more