Oriental carpets and rugs are known by the names of the towns, districts, or provinces in which they are made. KURDISH Faraghan Cabistan Kelim Anatolia Agra Ghorevan Cashmere Mousul Bergamo Amritsar Hamadan Chichi Persian Kurdistan Ghiordes Benares Herati Circassian Sumak Kir-Shehfr Jubbulpore Herez Dagheslan Turkish Kurdistan Kulah Kashmir Ispahan Dcrbend Ladik Malabar Khorassan Guenjes Melez … Read more

How France helped England with Carpets

France began the making of carpets in the seventeenth century. A factory started in 1664 at Beauvais preceded the more famous Les Gobelins, and is still running. It is true that more or less spasmodic attempts were made by Henry VIII and James I to assist the production of carpets, and the latter founded a … Read more