Best Methods Of Potato Cultivation

POTATOES (1) Obtain your seed potatoes in late winter and place them rose end (that is the end with most of the shoots or ‘eyes’) uppermost in seed trays, or empty egg cartons, which should then be placed in a cool, airy, light (but not sunny) spot such as a shed or garage so that … Read more

Cauliflower Quick Growing Guide

CAULIFLOWER Sowing to harvest time: 18 to 24 weeks for summer and autumn varieties; 40 weeks for winter varieties. Yield: 1 kg (21b) per plant. Climate preferred: Cool temperate to subtropical. Aspect: Open, but sheltered from cold winds. Soil: Rich, fertile loam, but sandy soils are suitable if plenty of organic material has been incorporated … Read more

Gardening Jobs In April

The traditional sunshine and showers of April, and rising temperature, bring the garden to life with a vengeance; time is at a premium. The spring-flowering perennials begin to colour the border, blue lungwort with its white-spotted leaves; primroses and polyanthus, aquilegias in early gardens, aubrieta, alyssum, the Pasque flower, violets, brunnera, trollius and bergenia. But … Read more