Fruit Growing In Smaller Areas

Fruits can be successfully grown in confined spaces, and produce crops within one to three years after planting. While they generally crop best in sunny positions, gooseberries, blackcurrants, raspberries and strawberries grow satisfactorily in light shade. Shelter from cold north and east winds, particularly at flowering time, is necessary to ensure pollination and fruit set. … Read more

Varieties of Apple

Adam’s Pearmain (D), Dec.-Mar.; Advance (D), Aug.; Allen’s Everlasting (D), Apr.-June; Allington Pippin (D), Oct.-Dec.; American Mother (D), Oct.- Nov.; Annie Elizabeth (C), Dec.-June; Arthur Turner (C), Sept.-Oct.; Ashmead’s Kernel (D), Dec.-Mar.; Astrachan Red (D), Aug. Barnack Beauty (D), Dec.-Apr.; Barnack Orange (D), Nov.-Dec.; Baumann’s Red Winter Reinette (D), Dec.- Jan.; Beauty of Bath (D), … Read more

Apples Growing for Food, Cider and Profit

Apples Soil and Situation. Apples succeed on a wide variety of soils and in most parts of the country. Fertilization is usually uncertain at altitudes above 700 ft. In such places latetflowering varieties such as Crawley Beauty, Edward VII, Court Pendu Plat, Royal Jubilee, and Orleans Reinette usually give best results. Devonshire Quarrendon, Keswick Codlin, … Read more

Feeding And Caring For Apple Trees

Like all other plants fruits have special need for the three major nutritional elements-nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. They also require many other minerals in lesser quantities, some quite minute. ‘Straight’ fertilizers are recommended for the provision of the three major elements-sulphate of ammonia and Nitro-chalk for nitrogen, sulphate of potash for potassium and superphosphate for … Read more

Rootstocks for Apples

M.9 Most dwarfing of all. A good stock for cordons and dwarf bushes. Usually too dwarfing for espaliers and pyramids. M.26 Less dwarfing than M.9. For small espaliers, dwarf pyramids and for cordons and dwarf bushes where soil is not rich. M.7 and MM.106 Semi-dwarfing, producing trees of moderate size on good soil, often used … Read more

Growing And Harvesting Apples

The apple flavour spectrum extends from sharp acidity in culinary varieties to sweetness in dessert varieties; the best flavoured dessert apples combine a subtle blend of both — about 0.5 per cent acidity with a high sugar content. The flesh of some apples is highly aromatic; some are dry fleshed, others exceedingly juicy. The colour … Read more