Growing Apples Successfully

Type of tree: Bush, standard, half-standard, cordon and espalier. Pollination: At least two apple trees are necessary to produce fruit. Climate preferred: Temperate. Aspect: Any. Early cooking apples can be grown against north-facing walls. Ideal Soil: Well-drained ordinary soil which does not dry out excessively in summer. Yield: 10 cordons will produce 20kg (441b) of … Read more


DO not use anything of inferior quality, otherwise the preserve will be a failure; it will not keep. The fruit must be dry, and as fresh as possible, and not over-ripe. Cheap sugar will prove expensive, and the lump variety is preferred to granulated. Inferior sugar causes scum, which has to be removed, and is … Read more

Putting a Battery out of Commission

If for any reason a battery is to lie idle for a prolonged period and recharging is not possible, it must be dealt with as follows: First, it is charged until the plates hava their normal colour; and then charged again after rests of an hour, until gassing begins as soon as charging begins. Second, … Read more


ALL wall switches controlling lights should have a quick-break action, which completes the switching on or off automatically when the knob has been moved part way up or down. This prevents arcing, and burning at the contact points. If a switch spring breaks, replace the switch. Even good switches – and it is false economy … Read more

Best way to Grow Pears In Cooler Climates

Planting and cultivation Success with pears depends largely on your choosing the best possible varieties for your district. The world famous ‘Conference’ and ‘William’s Bon Chretien’ are the best choice for cold, higher altitude areas or exposed coastal districts. The soil should be improved by the addition of plenty of compost. Every early spring feed … Read more