A large fork when food served does not rcquire to be cut with a knife.

Peas are eatenwith a knife and fork because the knife is required to press the peas against the fork, although it is permissible to crush them under a fork and lift them to the mouth in that way.

Asparagus is eaten as a rule with a fork, to sever the green part from the end of the stalks. When the stalks are thick they may be held in the fingers and the green part eaten.

Eat all salads with a fork, or if a meat or fish salad use a knife and fork. Salad should be eaten oif small plates, but cucumber is eaten with a fork from the dinner plate, not from a separate plato.

When cheese is served, small pieces of the cheese should be pushed with the end of the knife on to small biscuits or pieces of bread, and conveyed to the mouth with the fingers. The cheese should not be picked up with the knife and carried to the mouth.

When eating fruit with stones, separate the stones with a spoon and fork, or if taken into the mouth, remove the stones svith the dessertspoon, and place the stones on the side of the plate.

Stones from grapes are taken from the mouth with the skin of the grape by placing the half-closed hand to the lips. Eat cherries in the same manner.

When fruit has been prepared beforehand, use a dessertspoon or a fork.

And dip each portion to be eaten into this, placed at the side of the plato. Do not sprinlde it over the fruit.

When eating apples or pears or any other fruit to be peeled, first cut into sections or quarters, and with the fruit knife and fork peel the skin away, remove the pips and core, or stone, of the fruit.

Oysters served in their shells should be eaten with a large dinner fork, not a fish fork, and the shell steadied by the fingers of the left hand. If there is a sauce served, the oyster should be dipped into it before being eaten.

Should a savoury be served on toast, a knife is necessary, otherwise always use a fork. Omelets are eaten with a fork only.

Game should not be severed from the bones and then consumed. The moat should be cut off as required. If salad is served with game, eat it from a side plate.

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