Swim feeders

These are sometimes used instead of legers to hold the bait on the bottom. A swim feeder is a plastic tube with holes through the walls of the tube. A weight is incorporated into the tube and the swim feeder is attached to the reel line in a similar manner to leger weights. The feeder is usually crammed with maggots which, after the tackle has landed on the river bed, crawl out through the holes and form a carpel of loose feed to attract fish into the vicinity of the baited hook. The advantage of using a swim feeder is that it concentrates ground-bait in the exact spot it is required. Most feeders are designed to be used with maggots but some are open ended and can be filled with cereal groundbait. Swim feeders can be bought in a large range of sizes. The larger ones create a lot of disturbance when they hit the water and used in the wrong situation will frighten more fish than you catch.