Barley Sugar 1 lb. Loaf sugar, 1 pint water, % small teaspoonful cream of tartar, ½ teaspoonful lemon essence, a little butter.

Grease tin with butter. Stir sugar and water over a gende heat until dissolved. Put on the lid and bring to the boil for two minutes. Take off the lid, add cream of tartar and boil to 300°F., or until brittle when tested in cold water. Add the flavouring gradually. Drop on the buttered pan in small spoonfuls.

Brown Tablet 2 lb. Brown sugar, 1 ½ cupfuls water, 4 oz. Coconut.

Prepare a pan, greasing well. Put in sugar and water, boil for fifteen minutes, then add coconut. When the mixture is thick, pour into greased tins.


Boil one tin of condensed milk in water for three hours. When cold, cut each end of the tin and slice contents. This is very rich and makes a delicious dessert.

Nougat Mints 2 tablespoonfuls syrup, 1 tablespoonful sugar, 6 tablespoonfuls dried milk, small knob of margarine, 30 drops peppermint essence.

Boil the syrup, sugar and margarine for seven minutes. Take off the heat and stir in dried milk; turn out on to a board dusted with powdered milk. Knead until fairly cool, then add the essence and cut into small squares.

Peanut Fudge 2 cupfuls while sugar, 1 cupful sweet milk, 3 tablespoonfuls peanut butter.

Boil the sugar and milk together until this forms a soft mass when tested in water. Let it stand for five minutes, then beat in the peanut butter. Pour into a mould quickly.

Raisins for Dessert

Stew contents of a box of raisins until tender. Make a thickening of flour and milk and stir in the raisins. Add a tablespoonful of vanilla essence.

Vanilla Fudge ½ lb. Sugar, 1 pint tin condensed milk, 1 oz. Margarine, 1 tea-spoonful vanilla essence.

Melt the margarine, add milk and sugar, stir over a gentle heat until dissolved. Bring to the boil and boil for ten minutes, stirring all the time. Remove from heat and add the vanilla essence slowly. Stir until creamy. Turn into shallow pan, cut into squares.

White Tablet 1 lb. White sugar, ½ cupful water, 2 oz. Coconut. Make in the same way as Brown Tablet.

SYRUP SPONGE 6 tablespoonfuls flour, 6 oz. Margarine, 2 pinches of salt. (Enough for four large helpings.)

Mix well with the fingers, then with a knife. Add water, stirring slowly all the time. Turn out a stiff dough on to a floured board. Knead with the palm of the hand only, then put into a greased bowl. Put syrup on top and steam for at least two hours.

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