Sweetcorn as carp bait

In recent years swectcorn has proved to be one of the best carp baits. Often referred to as particle bait, sweetcorn is not only an excellent carp bait but equally effective for tench, roach and. On some waters, barbel. Sweet-corn can be bought frozen or in tins. The juice which is found with tinned sweetcorn is an additional attraction for fish if added to groundbait.

The grains of sweetcorn can be fished singly or in bunches depending on the species of fish you are trying to catch. Medium sized roach can be caught easily on sweetcorn but the grains of corn are too large for the really small fish to manage. Tins of corn are best opened at home and the bait carried in a plastic bait container. This avoids the possibility of cutting your hands on the sharp edges of the tin at the waterside, or your leaving the tin where some animal may find it and injure itself.

Raw Sweet corn
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