Substantial shade structures for plants

As soon as the weather turns warm, most gardens require some sort of shade structure to protect young and tender plants. You may feel that all you need for one or two summers is a portable shade – something that can be dismantled or put away until needed again. Actually, there is no reason why a shade structure can- not become a permanent part of your garden, provided it is well designed and soundly built. Below are four structures that are easy to build. All give light and airy shade. The ones of wood construction should be stained or painted before final installation. The one with aluminum tubing can be left to weather naturally.

Scissor frame has adjustable overhead to protect shade loving plants on a warm terrace. Lath overhead of 1 by 2-inch wood strips is covered by reed or split bamboo to cut afternoon sun, breeze. Paint frame bright color to contrast with reed color.

Built-up posts of 2 by 4-inch members are spaced apart to receive the overhead rafters and the wood pin that goes into the ground. The overhead shade may be lightweight corrugated asbestos board or corrugated plastic.

Aluminum pipe frame forms a lightweight support for bamboo shade or reeds along the house wall. Structure Is made of pipe, with pipe rafters screwed to house ledger board, and pipe posts secured in ground with metal pins.

Extension of rafters makes a simple shelter for plants or work space. Rafters should be spaced to match the roof members but should not be more than 32 inches apart. Secure with bolts. Make the shelves V/2 inches thick to give maximum support.

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