Acute inflammation of a sebaceous gland at the base of an eyelash, causing swelling, redness and pain; an abscess forms around the sebaceous gland, and can break through to the outside. Styes are usually caused by staphylococci; they heal rapidly once the abscess has burst. Sudden infant death syndrome (cot death) Sudden and unexpected death of an apparently healthy baby, with no explanation being found even after autopsy. Much research into the cause is currently being carried out. A disorder in the rate of breathing and heartbeat during sleep is at present thought to be the most probable cause. Cases of near cot-death occur when a baby is found to be suddenly pale, white, limp and no longer breathing (and thus appears to be dead). The child regains its strength after intense stimulation or resuscitation. In a family in which there is such a child, or in which a brother or sister has already died in a cot death, a monitor should be installed in the home. This device monitors the breathing and heart, and sounds an alarm when danger threatens. It is also important to provide counselling for the parents after a cot death.