A number of facts are here grouped together which are outstanding and, consequently, worthy of mention.

Dr. Otto Lechter made the longest speech on record, having delivered it before the Austrian Parliament in 1897. He spoke for twelve hours without a break.

The late Mr. Gladstone once delivered a speech at Birmingham. The first sentence contained 176 words. Surely a record!

Captain John Bennett, who piloted one of the S.E. & C. Railway boats between Dover and France, performed thecross-channel journey over thirty thousand times.

George Boynton walked round the world in a paper suit with no money in his pocket.

Edward Hale rode a bicycle one hundred miles a day for a whole year.

Joseph Pollard bathed in the open, daily, for twenty years, only missing on forty occasions.

Montague Holbein swam forty-three miles in the Thames in twelve hours and a few minutes; and then a little later, swam forty-six miles in twelve hours.

A public clock in Mayence has gone for five hundred years without stopping.

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