Beef Kidney

Cut into slices and mash an ox kidney, and season highly with salt, pepper, and a little minced parsley. Fry it a light brown in a little butter, then pour a little warm water into the pan, dredge in some flour, and stew very gently until tender. Serve on a hot dish with tiny rolls of fried bacon arranged round.

Beef-steak, Jugged

Cut a piece of beef-steak into thin square pieces, make thom into finger rolls; take a deep stone jar, pile the rolls one above the other, add two whole onions, one glass of port wine, pepper and salt to taste, a few peppercorns, no water; cover close. Put jar into boiling water, and stew till tender.

Brazilian Stew

Cut up a few onions, tomatoes, and carrots. Cut two pounds of shin of beef into pieces about two inches long, dip each piece in vinegar. Put the vegetables, meat, and a seasoning of pepper and salt into a stew-pan without water, and simmer for four hours.

Chicken with Cream Dressing

Cut up a fowl (an old one will do), put into a pan, and partly cover with water, and stew slowly until tender. Take out, pour into the pan a cup of cream, a tablespoonful of bread-crumbs, and half a chopped onion, parboiled. Heat and pour over the chicken.


Place in a saucepan enough dripping to fry a large onion. Cut a pound of liver into squares, not too thin. Brown in the stew-pan. Add a little boiling water or brown gravy. Stew till tender. Thicken and season the gravy to taste. Serve on a hot dish, and garnish with slices of lemon.

Liver and Mushrooms

Take half a pound of calfs liver, one pound of mush-rooms, three ounces of bacon, one ounce of flour. Fry the liver and bacon, take out, put the flour and mushrooms in, and fry. Put all into a stew-pan with half a pint of stock, and simmer for one hour, and serve with fried bread. Ox Kidney

Cut an ox kidney into thin slices, season with pepper and salt, and fry a light brown; then remove the kidney from the pan, add half a pint of stock; dredge in a little flour, and mix in a cupful of bread-crumbs. Put the kidney back in the stew-pan, put on the lid, and stew slowly for an hour. Serve with sippets of toast.


Place the oxtail in a pan and cover with cold water. Allow it to boil; strain off the water. Wash in warm water, joint, and cut the large joints in two; dry the pieces. Mix one tablespoonful of flour, one teaspoon-ful of salt, a dash of pepper, and rub each picco over with the mixture.

Fry all the pieces till brown in a pan with a little dripping; lift them out, pour off fat, return pieces to pan with a chopped onion and two breakfast-cupfuls of water and a little ketchup, and stew slowly for two hours. Then add a cut-up turnip and carrot, and stew an hour longer.

Pigeons and Mushrooms

Roll the pigeons in flour, fry in a little butter till brown, remove them from the pan, and stir a little flour in the butter. Add pepper and salt, one tablespoonful of mushroom ketchup, the same of Worcester sauce, and three-quarters of a pint of stock by degrees. Stir till boiling, and boil for a few moments. When the sauce has cooled a little, put back the pigeons. Simmer gently till tender.

Peel half a pound of mushrooms, and put them on a small baking-tin with a small lump of butter on each, and a sprinkle of salt and pepper. Bake for a quarter of an hour, and then put them into the pan for ton minutes with the birds. Simmer very gently. Arrange the pigeons in the centre of the dish, with the gravy and mushrooms poured round. Garnish with cut lemon and parsley.

Pigeons on Brussels Sprouts

Roast four pigeons for a quarter of an hour, thon cut them neatly in halves, and lay them, outside downwards, in a stew-pan. Pour over them half a pint of brown gravy, and simmer gently for half an hour. Make a mound in the middle of a hot dish of boiled sprouts. Thicken the gravy with cornflour and pour round.

Scotch Stew

Run four pounds of lean boef through a meat-cutter, add one onion chopped fine, half a teaspoonful of salt and pepper to taste. Mix well together, and place in a covered stew-pan with one teacupful of boiling water. Stow slowly for three or four hours.

Just before taking from the fire add a piece of butter the size of an egg. While cooking add more water when necessary.

Sheeps Brains

Remove the brains from the head without breaking them, and put into a basin of hot water to stand for an hour. Then remove the skin carefully, tie up in a small cloth, put into boiling water and add a little salt. Simmer for ten minutes. Season with pepper; serve hot on toast with melted butter.

Spanish Stew

Place some slices of ham in the bottom of a stew-pan and slice an onion thinly over. Sprinkle a little pepper and salt, then lay the joints of a rabbit on top. Dredge in some flour, add a few savoury herbs, and another quarter of a pound of sliced ham. Pour over all half a pint of hot water. Put on the lid lightly, and stew slowly for two hours.

Steak and Tomatoes

Have the steak cut very thick. Put it in a saucepan, and cover with tomatoes cut in rings. Sprinkle salt and pepper over, cover, and stew very slowly for two hours.

Steak, Stewed

Fry two pounds of steak until it is a good brown, then put in a pan, with half a pint of water, a sliced onion, a dessertspoonful of ketchup, and a seasoning of pepper and salt. Stew slowly for three-quarters of an hour. Thicken the gravy with a little butter and flour, and serve very hot.

Veal with Mushrooms

Wash three pounds of veal in cold water, and put it in a stew-pan with sufficient cold water to cover it; add salt and pepper, put the lid on the pan, and let it simmer for half an hour. Remove the lid, and skim.

Peel a pound of fresh mushrooms, and boil till tender; add a quarter of a pound of butter to the meat, and dredge in one tablespoonful of browned flour, then add the mushrooms. Stew all together gently for half an hour, then serve with the gravy and mushrooms poured round the meat.