Scotch Broth

Wash two ounces of pearl-barley, and put it into a pan with one pound of shin of beef and three quarts of cold water. Peel three turnips and three onions, and scrape two large carrots and cut into small dice. When the meat has simmered for an hour, add the vegetables and a little chopped parsley, and season with pepper and salt. Simmer gently until the vegetables are quite tender. Serve with toast.

Tomato Soup

Take half the contents of a tin of tomatoes, put them on a fire in a saucepan, and thicken with a tablespoonful of flour, adding salt to taste. When hot add a pint of milk, a small lump of butter, and boil till thick enough. Strain through a sieve, and serve hot.

Tomato Soup (2)

To three pints of clear stock add one pound of tomatoes which have been cut into quarters. Add an onion and one lump of sugar. Boil for an hour and strain. Add a seasoning of salt and pepper, and thicken with a little cornflour mixed with water. Serve with croutons of fried bread.

Vegetable Soup

Boil for an hour and a half four potatoes, three leeks, two our.ees of butter, one pint of skim milk, three pints of water, pepper and salt to taste.

Vegetable Soup (2)

Fry two turnips, two carrots, and two onions in a little butter. Wash one pint of lentils and boil them with the turnips, carrots, and onions, in one quart of water till perfectly tender, then add one pint of water and rub through a sieve; add seasoning, and boil for a quarter of an hour1. Serve with boiled rice.

White Soup

Simmer one quart of milk, three medium-sized potatoes, one onion, four of the outside sticks of a head of celery, a small pieco of butter, pepper and salt to taste, for four hours, rub through a hair-sieve, and serve with sippets of fried bread.