Starting A Garden From Scratch


A new garden plot is like the canvas of a painter, a space whereon a picture will be made: It is a thrilling moment when you have secured your house and then turn to the garden. I have shared many of these exciting moments with the beginner in garden making. You look at the unsightly plot, just as the builder has left it. “What shall I do first ? “ you ask.

Starting A Garden From ScratchFirst take a walk round the boundary. Remember a tree or a hedge in your neighbour’s plot is part of your picture. Note the views, if any. See what is grown in the gardens around. All these neighbouring details will help you in your own garden making. Take a note pad with you. Check up the fences, positions of, trees on your own and in nearby gardens. A tree in the next plot may cast a shadow or roots may penetrate. It helps a lot to begin by clearing away rubbish. Make a heap of old bricks, stones, etc. Cut down brambles or tree suckers. Often a new plot looks entirely different when tidied up. Peg out possible paths, lawn areas and beds. During this preliminary work you will get some rough idea of the first layout. Never cut a tree down until you are sure that it is necessary – better live with it awhile.. There is no harm in cutting out dead wood from a tree and a few branches could be thinned out. Overhanging branches may have to be lopped.

Then in the evening after a busy day you can make a few trial sketch layouts. Remember every detail noted on your note pad will assist you in making the final plan — the position of manhole covers, drains, dumps of soil and levels. On paper put the areas you desire — lawn, vegetable garden, essential paths, flower borders, and shrubberies. The initial creation cannot be done hurriedly. Soon an idea will occur and then you can proceed with the design of your garden.

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