Stammering in children

Stammering manifests itself usually at about seven or eight. It is commonly due to a want of promptitude in the vocal cords, not to a difficulty in pronouncing the sounds. It may be brought on by fear, by being mado to use the right hand in the case of a left-handed child, by the desire to pour out idea3 faster than the words can be formed. It is nearly always worse under excitement.

The childs general health should be first examined. A doctor will suggest breathing exercises. Daily drill in sound production and daily reading aloud, if conducted by a skilled and sympathetio person, are of great help. The child usually does not stammer when singing, and may be taught to intone his words and so get out of the habit. In severe cases it may be necessary to stop conversation for two or three weeks. Needless to say, no form of threatenings, punishment or ridicule ever does anything but aggravate the complaint.