Apple Soup

Peel and quarter one pound of cooking apples. Put them into three pints of medium stock, made from bones and trimmings of meat and seasoned with cayenne and cloves to taste, and a little white pepper. Stew gently for half an hour, rub through a strainer, and add a little more pepper and salt. Boil up and serve.

Barley Soup

Put two pounds of shin of beef into a saucepan with a quarter of a pound of pearl barley, a large bunch of parsley, six potatoes, four onions, salt and pepper, and four quarts of water. Simmer gently for three hours.

Cabbage Soup

Wash a cabbage, cut it into very fine pieces, put it into a saucepan of boiling water, and boil quickly for five minutes. Strain it off, and throw away the water. Put the cabbage back in the pan. Add to it a pint and a half of boiling water, a pint of milk, one table-spoonful of chopped parsley, one small onion also chopped, salt and pepper to season. Bring to a boil, then simmer for half an hour. Shake in two ounces of sago, and cook again for about twenty minutes.

Carrot Soup

Put two quarts of liquor, in which a leg of mutton or a rabbit has been boiled, into a stew-pan, with some beef bones, one onion, half a turnip, pepper and salt to taste, one lump of sugar, and a little cayenne. Simmer gently for two hours. Scrape and cut thin three large carrots, strain the soup on them, and stow till soft enough to pulp through a hair-sieve. Then boil the pulp with the soup. It should be about the consistency of pea-soup.

Celery Soup, Cream of

Mix a tablespoonful of flour with a little cold milk. Boil one quart of milk with a small sliced onion, a few white peppercorns, an ounce of butter, and a little spice, if liked. Stir in the flour when boiling, and boil again for a few minutes. Boil a large head of celery, that has been well washed and cut up into pieces, in salted water until quite tender; then add to the seasoned milk. Rub all through a sieve; repeat and serve.

Chestnut Soup

Peel off the outer rind of three-quarters of a pound of chestnuts, and put them into a pan of warm water. . When this becomes very hot, take out the nuts, peel them quickly, rinse them in cold water and wipe them, then put them back into the pan with enough milk and water or stock to cover them. Stew gently for about an hour, when the nuts should break if a fork be thrust into them. Drain off the liquor, and set it aside; pound the nuts, or rub them through a fine sieve placed upside-down; put them back with the stock in which they were boiled. Add two blades of mace, pepper, salt, and cayenne to taste, and enough fresh milk to make up the quantity to a full quart. Stir until it boils, then serve.

Haricot Soup

Soak half a pound of haricot beans for five or six hours. Drain, and put in a saucepan with water enough to cover, and a little salt. Boil gently until soft enough to pulp through a sieve. Put half a pint of white stock in a saucepan, and as soon as it is hot stir in the bean-pulp. When ready to serve, add a tablespoonful of cream, and season to taste.

Kidney Soup

Cut one pound of ox kidney into small pieces. Tie in a muslin bag one medium-sized carrot, one onion, a bunch of herbs, a little celery seed, one clove, a dozen peppercorns, a blade of mace, and a pinch of salt. Boil in three pints of stock for one hour; mix three dessertspoonfuls of cornflour with a little water and pour into the soup; remove muslin bag, and add two tablespoonfuls of mushroom ketchup.

Lentil Soup

Soak one pint of lentils all night in cold water. Then grease a saucepan with one ounce of butter. Put in the lentils, with two carrots, two onions, one turnip, one stick of celery; stir together for five minutes on the fire, then add two quarts of cold water, and let simmer until the lentils are quite soft. Add pepper and salt to taste, and a small teaspoonful of dried mint.

Macaroni Soup

Put three ounces of macaroni and a piece of butter the size of a walnut into boiling water with a pinch of salt. Simmer for half an hour. When tender, drain and cut into thin rings or lengths, and drop it into two quarts of clear medium stock. Stew gently for five minutes, and serve with grated Parmesan cheese.

Milk Soup

Boil one large prepared Spanish onion and about five potatoes. When quite soft press all through a hair sieve and add a pint and a half of milk, half a teaspoonful of brown sugar, and a piece of butter about the size of a walnut. Salt and pepper to taste. Boil for a few minutes and serve.

Mock Hare Soup

Wash one pound of lentils, and allow them to soak for eight hours in water or very weak stock. Boil for three hours, and rub through a sieve; add a tablespoonful of butter and half a teaspoonful of pepper, and salt to taste. A little grated carrot and turnip may be added when the soup is being warmed up, after being put through the sieve.

Mock Kidney Soup

Wash one pound of fiver. Cut it into small pieces, and boil slowly for two hours and a half, with two quarts of water and one pound of shin of beef, then thicken the soup with brown flour. Add a dash of ketchup.

Stir till the soup comes to the boil. Season with pepper, salt, and chopped parsley, and serve.

Ox-cheek Soup

Put an ox-cheek, with some carrots, one head of celery, and two quarts of split peas into a pan, with two and a half gallons of water, but no salt. Let it simmer for eight hours. Then remove the meat from the bones, cut it up small, and return to the pan. This time add pepper and salt.

Pea Soup

Boil one pint of split peas in three quarts of water till quite soft. Add one and a half pounds of beef, one slice of bacon, half a handful of spinach, a few cloves, and a little mace. Stew for two hours. Rub through a sieve, then add a little mint, another half handful of spinach, a lump of sugar, and pepper and salt to taste, and stew again for three-quarters of an hour. Serve with toast.

Potato Soup

Peel and slice a pound of potatoes, a small onion, and a few sticks of white celery. Dissolve an ounce and a half of butter in a stewpan; add the vegetables; cover the pan and let them cook for seven minutes, shaking the pan often to prevent them burning. Add a quart of boiling water, and let all boil to a pulp; press through a sieve: return to the saucepan with a pint of milk. When it boils up, add two ounces of finely-powdered tapioca. Stir the soup until the tapioca is clear. Serve with toast.

Rice Soup

Wash a teacupful of rice, and add it to some mutton stock. Season with salt and pepper, and boil until the rice is tender, adding a dessertspoonful of chopped parsley before serving.

Salt Beef Soup

Lot the water salt beef has been boiled in stand for a day, then skim off the fat, and add, cut into dice-shapes half an inch square, one carrot, one onion, one stick of celery, and one pint of peas, which have soaked overnight. Boil for an hour and a half, and serve with toast.