Smoked Salmon Rolls

These bite-sized rolls are ideal for buffets or to serve with predinner drinks. The bread used must be thinly sliced and very fresh, otherwise the rolls zuill crack as they are shaped.


1 large, thinly sliced white sandwich loaf 6 oz. butter, softened 1 lb. smoked salmon, very thinly sliced

Using a sharp knife, remove and discard the crusts from the bread slices.

Spread the butter generously over each slice of bread. Lay the smoked salmon slices over the bread slices leaving a -inch border. Carefully roll up each bread slice, starting from one of the short sides. Place the rolls on a wooden board, seam side downwards, and press gently to seal the seam. Cut each roll diagonally, into 3 pieces, discarding the ends.

Place the smoked salmon rolls, slightly overlapping, on a serving dish and serve immediately.