Fix a cardboard sole to a pair of men’s old socks. Darn soles to socks in decorative fashion and have a coloured-thread border all round where the sole is joined to the sock; thread ribbon through the top and you have fine bedroom slippers.

By sandpapering baby’s shoes before they are worn you can prevent his slipping.

To remove stain from brown shoes rub them with a petrol rag, but do this out of doors.

To prevent mildew in hot weather, keep the shoes on high shelves in an airy cupboard.

Rub a small amount of glycerine into your shoes during wet weather to keep them in good condition.

If you rub a little glue at the end of shoe-laces when the tag comes off, you will find this gets the lace through the holes.

Store shoes so that the air gets to them, and stuff the toes with paper. Treat the shoes to a good polish before storing.

Teach the children to care for their rubber boots, raincoats and overshoes. Remove all mud thoroughly and then dry the boots.