Grab, How to Dress a Crab

Empty the shells after twisting the claws, and remove the meat with a lobster-picker, being careful to throw away the poisonous matter. Mince the meat well. Add two tablespoonfuls of vinegar, two table-spoonfuls of oil, a pinch of salt, dust of white pepper. When all these ingredients are well mixed, put into the large shell, and garnish with slices of cut lemon and parsley. Serve with brown bread and butter.

Lobster Canapes

Prepare some fried rounds of bread, drained and cold. Cut small slices of lobster, and soak in oil-and-vinegar for a few minutes. Spread the croutons with butter, lay on each a slice of lobster, and over that put one or two capers. Serve on very finely cut lettuce.

Lobster Cream

Boil half a pint of milk, and pour it over a cupful of breadcrumbs, and cool. Mince the flesh of fresh lobster fine, and add to the breadcrumbs. Beat three eggs, and add them. Season with pepper, cayenne, one dessertspoonful of anchovy sauce, and a quarter of a pint of cream. Put in a mould and Bteam for an hour.

Scallops, Fried

Dip each scallop in beaten egg and bread-crumbs, and fry to a golden brown in hot fat. Drain on paper.

Shrimp Pasties

Line some pattypans with puff pastry, and fill with the following mixture. Melt in a saucepan one and a half ounces of butter, stir in half an ounce of flour, add one and a half gills of milk, one blade of mace, till it boils. Then take out the mace, put in half a pint of shrimps roughly cut across, and one hard-boiled egg chopped. Add a teaspoonful of anchovy essence, and season with pepper, salt, and lemon-juice. Moisten the edges of the pastry, and cover with another round of pastry. Mark the edges of the pastry with a knife and brush over with beaten egg. Bake in a quick oven for about fifteen minutes. Serve garnished with parsley.

Shrimp Pie

Take a pint of shrimps, and remove the shells. Line a small dish with a short crust, and put the shrimps in it. Season with a little cayenne and salt and a squeeze of lemon-juice. Add a little melted butter sauce flavoured with chopped parsley. Cover with a thin crust, and bake. Serve hot.

Shrimps, Baked

Shell one pint of shrimps, and chop them small. Add an ounce of bread-crumbs, the same quantity of butter, and two well-beaten eggs. Season with sauce and cayenne pepper. Mash all well together and form into little balls. Place each on a strip of bread-and-butter the same size, scatter grated cheese and fine bread-crumbs over, and bake till a golden-brown.

Shrimps with Rice

Place two cup-fuls of shrimps in a saucepan with half an ounce of butter, and a little minced onion, thyme, and parsley. Season with salt and popper, and cook, stirring all the time, until the mixture is brown. Add a little milk, boil up, and serve with a border of boiled rice.

Oyster Fritters

Roll each oyster in a thin slice of bacon, season with pepper, a few drops of lemon-juice, fasten each with a small skewer. Dip each in the beaten yolk of an egg, and then into fine bread-crumbs, and fry quickly in boiling fat. Serve very hot.

Oyster Scallops

Butter well some small tins or saucer3, lino them with breadcrumbs, sprinkle with a little salt. Divide some oysters, and put an equal quantity in each tin, season with cayenne. Cover with bread-crumbs and place small pieces of butter on the top of each. Bake for ten minutes and serve very hot with out lemon.