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Seven factors to compliment a healthy diet

Don’t forget that proper nutrition is only one of the elements essential for good health. Here is a list of all the factors you should take into consideration:

1. A healthy balanced diet.

2. Proper amounts of physical exercise, rest, relaxation and sleep, as well as a moderate amount of exposure to sunlight.

3. A positive mental attitude and good stress management.

4. Body structure: take care of your bones, muscles, teeth, etc.

5. A healthy environment and fulfiling social contacts.

6. A healthy sex life.

7. Reducing exterior and interior sources of pollution to a minimum.

Be careful about abusing vitamins and minerals

A beneficial food can become a poison if it is ingested in overly large amounts. You won’t regain your health twice as fast by eating twice as much of something you think is good for you!

Overdosing on vitamins (hypervitaminosis) can result in health problems. On the other hand, most problems of this kind are caused by synthetic vitamins, not vitamins obtained from natural sources. It is extremely rare for a person to develop hypervitaminosis if vitamins are obtained from food sources that have not been tampered with.

Don’t destroy your vitamins and minerals

Cooking, extreme cold, and improper storing methods can all alter certain vitamins. Vitamin C, for example, is particularly sensitive to oxidation which occurs while foods are stored, and to temperatures higher than 100° Fahrenheit (about 45° centigrade). Very few brands of Vitamin C guarantee that the product will remain unaltered over time. For that reason you should rely mainly on very fresh fruits and vegetables to obtain your daily dose of this vitamin. Try not to store foods and supplements containing Vitamin C for too long.

Also remember that you don’t necessarily have to take a supplement if you suspect you are lacking a certain vitamin or mineral.

For example, Vitamin C is destroyed by smoking tobacco. If you are Vitamin C deficient, you could remedy the situation by taking a supplement, or you could smoke less, Of course the best solution would be to stop smoking altogether!

Vitamin A is destroyed by alcohol, so you could, in the event of a deficiency, take retinol supplements OR drink less.

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