Serviettes neatly folded add great! to the appearance of a nicely-laid table.

The Bool. – Take a well-starched serviette and iron it across the centre fold, then fold again lengthwise and press. Crease lightly down the centre, this crease being horizontal to the previous folds. Put the serviette lengthways in front of you, with the edges or hems farthest away. Turn down both sides towards the centre .

Repeat this process each side, then double the serviette up with the smooth part outermost. Take one of the ends, double the top part under, and take it round the other end, which should be standing up, and fix it in the fold at the other side. Turn the end which is standing up over on the outside, and the boot is complete. A bread roll will fit in the top of the boot .

The Ship. – Fold the serviette in half, then in half again, still leaving it square. Now fold it diagonally, leaving the four free corners at the top and fold both sides towards the centre .

Now turn the two ends under and fold in half, leaving the free ends on top. Pull these ends out with your fingers to represent the sails of the ship and your boat is finished .

A quick vxty of folding Serviettes. – Fold the serviette in half, as for the boat, then in half again, then diagonally, leaving the corners on the top . Fold the two bottom corners so that one fits into the other .

Another quick way. – This time fold the serviette in three lengthwise. Now halve it, folding one short side to the other short side. Fold one corner of the base in the other and place a roll in the centre .

The Water-lily. – Lay the serviette out flat, then fold the four corners towards the centre. Repeat this twice . Now turn the napkin over and turn all four corners towards the centre . Press the serviette up towards the centre, keeping the four corners just pressed underneath, and pull out all the loose corners on the other side .

The Fan to put in a glass is made by folding the napkin once in half, then making a series of folds right along. Place in glass .

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