Seakale is grown for blanching both outdoors and under glass. Plants may be raised from seed sown outdoors in April, but two years must elapse before seedlings are strong enough for forcing. A better method is to purchase crowns and maintain a stock by root cuttings. These are prepared from thongy roots about 6 in. in length. Plant either crowns or root cuttings in March 1 ft. aprt in rows 18 in. apart, dropping them into dibber holes and just covering with soil. Take care that root cuttings are planted the right way up. By November they will have developed into strong crowns, some of which may be lifted for forcing. Trim off side roots from which further cuttings can be prepared, tie in bundles, and lay in sand or ashes until March. Stack the crowns right way up beneath a wall facing north and surround with sand or ashes. Pot up a few crowns at a time, three or four in a 7tin, pot, and bring into a heated greenhouse, placing beneath the staging and keeping quite dark. Cut growth at soil level when 6-9 in. in length. The shoots should be perfectly white. In January, crowns left outdoors can be covered with boxes or inverted flower pots, or soil or ashes may be piled over them to effect blanching.