Brown Scones

Mix one pound of wholemeal, two ounces of butter, two teaspoonfuls of cream of tartar, and one teaspoonful of carbonate of soda into a dough with milk. Cut into shapes and bake in the oven.

Currant Scones

Rub three ounces of lard or butter into one pound of flour; then add to it half an ounce of cream of tartar and two tablcspoonfuls of brown sugar. Dissolve a quarter of an ounce of soda in half a pint of milk. Add it to the flour and knead into a smooth paste, sprinkling it with a few washed currants. Roll out thin and cut into triangular pieces. Put the scones on to a floured tin, and bake from thirty to forty minutes. When half done brush over with milk.

Oatmeal Scones

Knead into some cold oatmeal porridge as much flour as will make a paste that can be rolled out. Roll to about three-quarters of an inch thick, cut into three-cornered pieces and bako on a greased tin in the oven. Serve hot, split open and buttered.

Potato Scones

Mash boiled potatoes until quite smooth, add a little salt; then knead out with flour to thickness required; toast on the girdle, pricking them with a fork to prevent blistering. When eaten with salt or fresh butter they are preferable to crumpets.

Scotch Scones

Take two teacup-fuls of well-dried flour, stir into it a little salt and one teaspoonful of baking-powder; add a teacupful of sour cream. Mix quickly and lightly. Cut into the desired shape, and bako in a quick oven for twenty minutes. Serve hot.

Sweet Scones

Mix together a pound and a quarter of flour, a quartor of a pound of sugar, and an ounce and a half of butter. Rub well together. Dissolve one ounce of carbonate of soda, and half an ounce of cream of tartar in a pint of milk. Add this to the flour, butter, and sugar. Roll out on a pasteboard, cut into shapo with the top of a tumbler, and bake in a hot oven for twenty minutes. Split them almost in half, put into each a lump of butter, and serve very hot.


To two teacupfuls of flour, add a teaspoonful of baking-powder, and the samo quantity of egg-powder, two ounces of butter, and two of sugar. Rub the butter well in, then mix, roll out lightly, cut into shapes, bake for five or six minutes in a hot oven.

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