Herring-Roe Savoury

Sprinkle soft herring-roes with pepper, and roll each one neatly in a thin slice of bacon. Fry in a little bacon fat till done through, and place each roll on a round of bread which has been cut out with a fluted cutter, and crisply fried a golden-brown colour. Serve very hot.

Kidney Balls

Take one or two medium-sized Spanish onions, scoop out some of the centre of each, and put into the hollows a sheeps kidney, and fill up with the onion previously removed. Bake for an hour and a half in a moderate oven. Serve very hot.

Kidney Savoury

Take half a pound of bullocks kidney and cut it into pieces. Stew with a little gravy for an hour. When cold, stir a dessertspoonful of dry mustard into the same quantity of flour; add cayenne pepper and salt. Place the kidney in a Dutch oven, add a piece of butter, and cook. When done, the kidney should be tender, with a little thick gravy clinging to it.

Kidneys (1)

Take three sheeps kidneys, pepper, salt; a few sprigs of parsley; one small onion; butter, breadcrumbs and fried potatoes. Cut the kidneys into slices, and season with pepper, salt, chopped parsley and onion. Warm the butter and pour over them, and cover with bread-crumbs.

Arrange the slices on skewers; place them in a buttered tin, and cook for a quarter of an hour in a quick oven, basting every now and then. Sprinkle a little chopped parsley on them when cooked and serve them on fried potatoes.

Kidneys (2)

Split, core, and skin three sheeps kidneys, spread on each a little chopped .onion, pepper, salt, and pour over a little warmed butter. Leave for half an hour, then skewer them open and grill for five minutes each side, Put in each one trimmed oyster, and fill in the centre of each with a force-meat made with minced mushroom and breadcrumbs. Serve the kidneys on a thick slice of tomato, heating all together in a moderate oven.

Kidney Toast

Mince two sheeps kidneys, and put, with half an ounce of butter, into a pan. Stir for about ten minutes; then add the yolk of an egg. Season with pepper, salt, and a few drops of lemon-juice. Stir all together, and spread on squares of buttered toast.

Kidney Toast (2)

Gently stew three sheeps kidneys in a very little water until perfectly tender; then remove all skin and gristle, pound them in a mortar with one ounce of butter till they form a smooth paste. Squeeze a little lemon into them, and season highly with the cayenno and salt. Spread the paste upon slices of hot buttered toast, and put the slices in the oven for a few minutes that they may be perfectly hot when served.


Take the remains of any cold meat or poultry, mince, and moisten with a little good gravy, add salt and pepper to taste. Make some rich short pastry, cut in rounds, put some of the meat on one end and fold the paste over and press the edges well together. Brush all over with egg and dip in vermicelli. Fry a light brown.

Lambs Fry

Boil one pound of lambs fry for a quarter of an hour; then drain it dry. Brush over with the beaten yolk of an egg, and cover with breadcrumbs seasoned with pepper, salt, and minced parsley. Fry for about five or six minutes. Serve on a folded napkin garnished with fried parsley.

Marrow Toast

Butter some squares of hot toast, put beef marrow into a saucepan with cold salted water. Bring to the boil, drain immediately, and spread it on the toast. Scatter cayenne, salt, and black pepper over. Set in the oven till quite hot and serve.

Mushroom Savoury

Lay a number of large mushrooms, after they have been washed, peeled, and the stalks removed, in a buttered baking-dish. Chop the stalks, after washing and peeling, with a quarter of their weight of parsley and onion. Fry in a little butter for five or ten minutes, add a tablespoonful of rich brown sauce, season with salt and nutmeg.

Let this get cold and then fill the mush-rooms with the mixture. Scatter breadcrumbs over thickly, and little bits of butter, and bake in a moderate oven for a quarter of an hour. When done, put two drops of lomon-juicc on each.

Mushrooms in Gravy, Stewed

Make a pint of brown gravy. Cut away nearly all the stalks of the rnushroonis, and pee the tops. Put them into a stew-pan with the gravy, .and simmer for twenty minutes. Add a pinch of grated nutmeg, a dash of cayonno pepper, and salt to taste.

Mushrooms with Eggs

Cut some mushrooms in halves, stew gently for ten minutes in a little butter seasoned with pepper and salt, and a little water; then drain. Put the mushrooms in a pie-dish; break enough eggs to cover them over the top; pepper and salt; scatter tiny lumps of butter over them, then sprinkle with bread-crumbs. Bake until the eggs are set.

Mushroom Toast

Peel and chop up half a pound of nice fresh mushrooms, and fry in two ounces of butter for five minutes; break into them three eggs, add a teaspoonful of beef extract, and a seasoning of salt and pepper. Stir till the eggs are just set. Serve on rounds of buttered toast.

Olives, Stuffed

Fry some small rounds of bread in butter till a nico brown; let them cool. Remove the stones from the olives. Spread a little anchovy paste on each round of bread. Stuff each olive with anchovy butter, and place one on each piece of fried bread, sticking a tiny piece of parsley in the centre of each. Serve cold.

Onion Savoury

Put a piece of butter the size of a walnut into a saucepan, slice a Spanish onion into it, and let it simmer for five minutes; then grate a quarter of a pound of cheese and put it in: pour in half a cupful of milk, and stir well till all is melted; add a little salt, beat up one egg and pour it into the saucepan; stir well for two minutes, then serve.

Onion Savoury (2)

Boil a large onion for an hour and a half. Cut it up in slices, put a layer of bread-crumbs, and then a layer of onions into a pie-dish, and repeat this until the dish is nearly full. Sprinkle with pepper and salt, and small knobs of butter. Bake for twenty minutes, and serve hot.

Potato Mould

Mash some potatoes; add butter and a little milk to make smooth, but not liquid. Season to taste with pepper and salt, and add chopped parsley. Press in a greased mould, and bake for an hour; turn out, and dust with bread-raspings.

Potato Savoury

Choose nice large potatoes; scoop out a hole in the middle, and fill this with sausage-meat, or any savoury minced meat. Lay the potatoes in a deep baking-tin with some hot dripping, and bake for an hour.

Rice Savoury

Boil half a pound of rico in water, and when tender and nearly dry, stir to it three tablespoonfuls of grated cheese, the same of tomato-sauce; one small onion, minced, a tablespoonful of chopped parsley; one ounce of butter; a little cayenne and salt. Mix together thorough, beat and make into a mound on a hot dish.

Rice Savoury (2)

Put into a saucepan with two quarts of boiling water a tablespoonful of salt and one pint of well-washed rice. Let the rice boil for an hour, then drain. Stand by the fire until some of the moisture has evaporated. Add tomato-juice and pulp, grated cheese, and a piece of butter. Mix well, and stir over the fire until thoroughly hot.

Roly-Poly Savoury

Ono pound of fresh ham, one pound of fresh lean beef, one pound of bread-crumbs, two eggs, salt, marjoram to taste. Minco the ham and beef, beat the eggs, and mix all ingredients thoroughly together; roll up in a cloth, and boil for four hours. Serve cold.

Sheeps Head

Steep the head in cold water for three hours. Clean well, and remove the brains. Wash them and soak in a little salt-and-wator. Put the head into a saucepan with salt-and-water, and simmer gently for two hours. When nearly done, put the brains into a piece of muslin, and boil for a few minutes. When the brains are set, chop them up, and put in melted butter and chopped-parsley sauce, and pour over the head and serve very hot.

Steak Savoury

Take a pound or more of beef-steak and dredge thickly with flour, then sprinkle with pepper and salt. Grease a pie-dish. Scatter chopped onion over, and lay in the steak. Cover with slices of onion, and tie down with a greased paper. Bake very slowly for nearly an hour. Mix together one teaspoonful of curry powder and one teaspoonful of flour in a cupful of stock. Pour over the meat, and tie down again. Bake slowly until tender.

Place the meat on a dish with the onion on top. Thicken and flavour the gravy, and pour round. Garnish with little heaps of boiled carrots and turnips, cut into fancy shapes.

Sweetbread Savoury

Soak the sweetbreads in cold water for two hours, then place in boiling water, and cook for six minutes; then soak in cold water for half an hour. After this, simmer gently in white stock. Stir a beaten egg yolk into a gill of the stock in which the sweetbreads have simmered; flavour with lemon-juice, and season with pepper and salt. When the egg thickens pour it over the sweetbread, and serve very hot.

Toast Savoury

Melt one ounce of butter in a pan, then add two eggs, one teaspoonful of anchovy essence, half teaspoonful of chopped capers, pinch of red popper; stir till the mixture begins to set, then spread on hot toast, garnish with parsley and lemon.

Tomato and Scrambled Eggs

Lightly fry six tomatoes which have been peeled and sliced. When they are nearly cooked beat three eggs, add two table-spoonfuls of milk, pepper, and salt. Pour over the tomato and lift it here and there lightly with the fork till it sets. Serve the egg with the tomato on top.

Tomatoes, Stuffed

Choose equal-sized tomatoes, cut off the tops, put in some salt, pepper, a little lard, and a few fine bread-crumbs. The insido of the tomatoes is not removed. Bake for about half an hour.

Tomatoes, Stuffed (2)

Take four large tomatoes and cut off a small round from the top with a sharp knife. Scrape out as much of the inside as possible, without breaking the walls of the tomato. Chop some ham, mix it with the inside of the fruit, season with salt, pepper, and a dash of cayenne, chop an onion very fine, with a sprig of thyme.

Put all these into a saucepan over the fire, and stir the contents until they are reduced. Pass all through a hair-sieve and fill the tomato walls with the mixture. Put into a dish with a piece of butter on each, and lightly cook. Serve very hot.

Tomatoes, Stuffed (3)

Cut off the tops of as many tomatoes as are required, and remove the pulp; chop two shallots, quarter of a pound of loan, cooked ham (this quantity is allowed for six tomatoes), a teaspoonful of chopped parsley, a few bread-crumbs, and half an ounce of butter.

Mix all together with the pulp and a little popper and salt. Fill the tomatoes with the mixture, and replace the tops. Bake in a moderate oven till nicely browned. Serve hot on buttered toast.

Tomato Scallops

Peel and cut in pieces some ripo tomatoes and one small onion. Arrange a thin layer of breadcrumbs on a small tin or dish, then a layer of tomatoes, thon another layer of broad-crumbs, and so on, until the dish is full, having bread-crumbs on the top. Also a few small lumps of butter. Bake in a quick oven for half an hour.

Tomato Scallops (2)

Place the contents of one tin of tomatoes in a pie-dish, putting in alternato layers with well-seasoned broad-crumbs and bits of butter. Place bread-crumbs over the top, and bake for half an hour,

Tomato Toast

Put a pound of tomatoes into boiling water, then remove the skins; mix them with a small chopped onion. Melt an ounce of butter in a frying-pan, and fry the mixture in it for five or six minutes; add a seasoning of salt and pepper and a slightly beaten egg. Stir all together over the fire until quite thick. Spread on squares of buttered toast, and serve very hot.

Veal Savoury

Take a piece of boned neck of veal, lay it out flat, and spread with sausage meat, chopped hard-boiled eggs, and season with minced parsloy, pepper, salt, and a little spice. A little onion-juico can be added if liked. Roll up the meat into a neat roll, and tie with tape. Tie in a cloth and bring to a boil, then simmer gently for rather more than three hours – then press, glaze, and serve cold with salad.

Vegetable Marrow Savoury

Cut a small vegetable marrow, when peeled, into thick rounds, and place in a buttered pie-dish. Fill up the centres from which the seeds have been removed with nicely-seasoned minced meat. Pour round a good gravy, cover with a tin, and bake for an hour.

Woodcock Toast, Mock

Boil the livers of two ducks, and pound to a paste, with a teaspoonful of anchovy essence, half a teaspoonful of sugar, one ounce of butter, a dust of spice, and the yolks of two eggs. Press through a sieve, and add a very little hot cream. Pour on to small squares of hot buttered toast, and serve at once.

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