There are two major categories of sausage: ‘dry’ sausages, that is sausages that, generally, may be eaten uncooked, and ‘wet’ sausages, which need to be cooked in some way before they are eaten.

Most sausages are made from minced pork, fat or lean, and, usually, seasonings and preservatives as well – the ingredients that go to make up commercial sausages are, by law, required to be stated on the labels. ‘Dry’ or charcuterie sausages include SALAMI, MORTADELLA, garlic sausage and liver sausage. ‘Wet’ sausages, also consist of minced pork meat, seasonings and preservatives, which are packed into edible casings. ‘Wet’ sausages include

FRANKFURTERS, BRATWURST, Italian sausage and chorizos. ‘Wet’ sausages may be boiled, grilled , baked or fried.

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