Pudding Sauce

Melt a little arrowroot in water, add a small potful of red currant jelly, a little sugar, and a table-spoonful of sherry. Heat all together, and serve hot.

Red-Currant Sauce

Dissolve some red-currant jelly, and mix sufficient of it with thin cream to colour it. Beat thoroughly together, and pour round any cold pudding.

Salad Cream

Whisk up the yolks of three fresh eggs with ten grains of cayenne pepper, add one ounce of mustard, not quite half a teaspoonful of salt, half an ounce of salad-oil, and mis all with half a pint of vinegar. Shake well, and the cream is ready for use.

Salad Dressing

Rub the yolks of two hard-boiled eggs through a sieve, and add a teaspoonful of mustard, two tablespoonfuls each of Lucca oil and vinegar, three table-spoonfuls of cream, and a little salt and more vinegar. Mix well.

Salad Dressing (2)

Whisk the yolks of two eggs with a tablespoonful of salt. Take a pint of salad oil and slowly add a little of the oil at a time, thoroughly mixing the yolks with the oil each time. When all the oil has been used, mix in by degrees one tablespoonful of mixed mustard. In a similar way add three tablespoonfuls of ordinary vinegar, and one tablespoonful of tarragon vinegar. Finally add a teaspoonful of fine, sifted sugar and a little cayenne. When all the ingredients are blended, the dressing is ready for bottling.

Tartar Sauce

Break the yolks of four eggs into a basin with half a teaspoonful of salt and one of mustard; then stir in a tablespoonful of oil, and one of tarragon and ordinary vinegar mixed. Stir well until the sauce is of the right consistency. Then add pepper, cayenne, and two tablespoonfuls of chopped pickled onions and gherkins.

Tomato Preserve

Cook two pounds of peeled ripe tomatoes until tender, with one pound of brown sugar, two gills of vinegar, and a teaspoonful each of cinna-mon, cloves, and salt. Let all simmer gently for two hours. This is equally suitable for use with hot or cold meats.

Turnip Sauce

Boil and mash three medium-sized turnips, then stir them into half a pint of white sauce. Season with salt and pepper. Serve with boiled mutton.

Tomato Sauce

Put a pound of ripe tomatoes into just enough water to pro-vent them from burning, and cook them gently in the oven until soft. Pass them through a sieve, then warm them again; season with salt and pepper. Melt a small lump of butter and add to it half an ounce of flour and half a pint of water; add the tomatoes to it and boil. Serve hot with chops or steaks.


Anchovy and Buttered Eggs

Prepare some pieces of buttored toast, cut square; spread anchovy paste very sparingly on each, then beat up lightly in a basin five or six eggs, add cayenne pepper and salt to taste, and pour them into a small saucepan in which one ounce and a half of butter has been meltod.

Stir over the fire with a wooden spoon till the mixture begins to set, then pour on to the toast. Lay two strips of filleted anchovy crossways on each piece, and serve immediately.

Anchovy and Cream

Stir in a gallipot, placed in a saucopan over the fire, the yolks of two eggs, one ounce of butter, one dessertspoonful of anchovy-sauce, one dessortspoonful of mushroom-ketchup, six large olives finely chopped, and a gill of milk. Stir the mixture till the thickness of custard, but do not allow it to boil. When cold, place a little on small rounds of toast, and a little whipped-cream on the top of a. boned anchovy.

Beef Savoury

Take a pound and a half of beef, half a pound of suot, a slico of bread soaked in milk, and season with pepper, nutmeg, and a little allspice; add one well-beaten egg; mince the meat, suot, etc., finely together. After all the ingredients have been well mixed press into a mould. Bake for an hour, and serve with a rich gravy.

Bombay Toast

Melt a large table-spoonful of butter over boiling water; stir in two eggs and a pinch of cayenne pepper, a few capers and anchovies chopped finely; stir till the eggs are cooked. Sorve on buttered toast.

Bombay Toast (2)

Place a pie-dish in the oven containing a piece of butter the size of a walnut, one dessertspoonful of anchovy sauce, one of Worcester sauce, a dusting of cayenno pepper and white pepper. Mix well. Beat up the yolk of an egg; make two rounds of toast; mix the egg uncooked with the sauce; pour over the toast, and serve very hot.


Take the remains of cold chicken, game, or meat of any kind, mince them finely, and mix together with a spoonful of parsley and mixed herbs, and popper and salt to taste. Mix with beaten egg, and form into a roll. Covor with buttered paper, and bake in a moderate oven until firm. Remove the paper, place the roll on a dish, and pour over it some rich gravy. Garnish with fried mushrooms.

Celery and Macaroni

Place a stick of celery in a saucepan with some macaroni, a pinch of salt, and sufficient water to cover. Stew until tender, then remove the celery. Strain the water from the macaroni, adding milk instead. Stew a few minutes longer. Turn the macaroni into a pie-dish, chop up the celery fine, and sprinkle over it. Add a layer of grated chceso, a few pieces of butter, pepper and salt to taste. Bako in an ovon until a light brown.

Chicken Savoury

Skin a chicken, and remove all fat, otc. Cut into pieces. Have ready in a stowpan a pound of onions that have been previously fried in butter. Put in the pieces of chicken, with a quarter of a pound of butter and a few cloves and a seasoning of pepper and salt. Mix all together, and add a quarter of a pint of milk.

Stew gontly for nearly two hours, adding more milk if necessary. Serve with boiled rice.

Custard Savoury

Take an egg, break into a basin and beat it well; add a pinch of salt and a quarter of a pint of beef-tea. Pour into a greased cup, tie over with buttered paper, and steam slowly for a quarter of an hour.

Cutlets, Savoury

Take some cutlets, trim them, and dip in beaten egg and sprinkle with pepper and salt, minced sweet herbs and parsley, and just a very little minced onion. Dip in egg again, sprinkle with breadcrumbs and fry in boiling fat. Serve with dried parsley.

Devilled Biscuits

Soak any kind of thin biscuits in some good Lucca oil; pepper, salt, and cayenne. Toast on a gridiron, and serve very hot.

Egg and Anchovy Savoury

Melt one ounce of butter in a saucepan, and stir in two eggs, a tablespoonf ul of anchovy essence, half a teaspoonful of chopped capers, and a pinch of red popper. Stir till the mixture begins to set. Spread on hot buttered toast. Garnish with chopped parsley and lemon-rind.

Egg and Clheese Savoury

Chop two hard-boiled eggs, add two table-spoonfuls of breadcrumbs, the same of grated cheese, a pinch of curry powder, and a dust of cayenne pepper. Bind together with a beaten egg. Form into bails, dip into batter, and fry until it is a nice golden brown. Scatter a little grated choese over, and serve very hot.

Egg and Ham Savoury

Take four hard-boiled eggs and chop them fine, mix with a dessertspoonful of flour, one of minced parsley, and one of minced cooked ham, one tablespoonful of cream, a piece of butter, and one raw egg. Form into balls, dip in finely-sifted bread-crumbs, and fry golden-brown.

Egg and Ham Savoury (2)

Boil some eggs hard, shell them, cut in halves and take out the yolks. Mix the yolks with some chopped ham, parsley, a little bit of onion, pepper and salt, moisten with a little cream; then put back in the whites. Place on little rounds of bread-and-butter, and serve cold.

Egg and Sardine Savoury

Boil two or three eggs hard, peel them, cut in half and remove the yolk, and mash it up, and mix -with finely-minced sardines – which have already been skinned, boned, and made hot. Add cayenne pepper and salt to taste, and replace the mixture in the white halves of the eggs, and serve at once on hot buttered toast.

Eggs and Tomatoes

Scoop out the centre of a number of tomatoes, and place in a well-buttered tin. Fill the hole in each tomato with an egg, taking care not to break the yolk. Cook in a moderately hot oven until the egg is set. Serve very hot, sprinkled with finely-grated cheese.

Eggs in Batter, Poached

Poach as many eggs as required, and when cold trim neatly, and roll each in a thin slice of bacon. Mix a teaspoonful of chopped parsley with a batter made with one egg, season with pepper and salt; dip each roll into it and fry a golden-brown. Serve very hot.

Eggs with Mayonnaise

Boil hard as many eggs as are wanted. When cold, shell, and cut into fairly thick rounds. Put into boiling dripping, and fry a light brown. Place on squares of buttered toast. Serve with mayonnaise sauce.

Eggs with Vegetables, Scrambled. Melt half an ounce of butter into a small stow-pan. When hot, fry in it some sliced onion, tomato, and potato. As soon as they are all quite soft, drop in lightly-beaten eggs, and scramble all together. Season with pepper and salt. Serve on rounds of buttered toast.

Egg Toast

Beat an egg, and add a pinch of salt. Take slices of bread and dip in egg. Put two ounces of butter in a frying-pan, and when very hot place slices in, and fry a golden-brown on both sides. Serve hot.

Herring-Roe Butter

Take the soft roes of two bloaters, mash them with one ounce of fresh butter till like a cream; now rub it through a hair-sieve. Season well with pepper, a dust of mace, and two or three drops of lemon-juice and anchovy-essence. Make into little pats, and serve on thin, unsweetened biscuits.

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