Salsify, or vegetable oyster, is a long white root vegetable similar in appearance to PARSNIP. As its alternative name suggests, salsify has a delicate flavour similar to that of oyster.

Salsify may be sautced, baked, deep-fried or served raw in salads. Generally, however, it is cooked by boiling.

To boil

1 pound of salsify, trim each stalk and wash thoroughly under cold water. Scrape each stalk gently and cut it INTO 3-inch lengths. Transfer the salsify to a bowl of cold water with a drop of vinegar while you prepare the remaining salsify. (The vegetable must be kept in water once scraped or it will turn brown.) Drain the salsify and place it in a medium-sized saucepan, half-filled with boiling salted water. Cook over moderate heat for

20 minutes or until it is tender. Remove the pan from the heat and drain the salsify.

Salsify may also be steamed, which will take approximately 10 minutes longer than boiling.

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