Salmagimdy is a traditional British salad, popular in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, which is built up like a small pyramid, zoith different, brightly coloured ingredients. The salad can be garnished zoith parsley, tomatoes and lemon and orange segments. A very large round plate is required on which to serve the salad, and a shallozu pudding basin or large saucer is inverted and placed on the plate, to give a base upon zuhich to build the salad. The butter ‘statue’ is traditional to the dish, but it may be omitted, if preferred.

1 teaspoon vegetable oil i medium-sized curly endive , coarse outer leaves removed, washed, shaken dry and shredded 1 lb. cooked chicken meat, sliced

Attractive to look at and delicious to eat, Salmagundy is a traditional British salad. The ‘pear’ in the centre is made with butter.

1 lb. lean cooked tongue, sliced

6 hard-boiled eggs, separated and finely chopped

8 rollmops or pickled herrings, drained

2 large tomatoes, quartered

1 large lemon, quartered

1 large orange, quartered

1 small cooked beetroot , finely chopped

8 black olives, stoned

1 small dill pickle, finely chopped

8 tablespoons chopped fresh watercress 8 oz. butter, frozen in 1 piece

With the oil, lightly grease the outside of a shallow pudding basin or large saucer and place it, inverted, on a large round serving plate.

Sprinkle the endive over the saucer.

Arrange the chicken slices around the edge of the serving plate and then, inside, make another slightly smaller circle with the tongue. Make a circle with the chopped egg yolks. Arrange the herrings inside the egg yolk circle and place a tomato quarter between each herring. Make a circle with the egg whites. Make a circle with the lemon and orange quarters, arranging them alternately.

Sprinkle the beetroot , olives and dill pickle around the edge of the endive on the basin or saucer. Make a circle around the outer edge of the plate with the watercress. Place the plate in the refrigerator and chill for 30 minutes.

Place the butter on a wooden board. Using a small sharp knife, carve the butter into a decorative shape, such as a flower, fruit or bird.

Remove the plate from the refrigerator. Place the butter decoration in the centre of the endive .

Serve at once.

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