We have salads almost every day, so I keep a stock of cooked, diced carrots and potatoes handy and, whenever I can, use shredded savoy instead of paying high prices for lettuces when they are out of season.

My salads are arranged on individual plates – to the vegetables I usually add one of the following: a quartered tomato, flaked or diced cheese, half an orange separated into sections. I use portions of cooked, cold kipper and fresh herring in place of sardines as this works out cheaper. I never cut lettuce leaves – I pull them to the desired size with my fingers.

Place the item you have most in a small pile in the centre of the plate. Arrange other items round this according to the amounts you have, and make the outer border a repetition of the centre pile.

Make the salads unusual – substitute little rolls of lean bacon for beetroot, peas for potatoes, beans instead of peas. Use small lettuce leaves as cups for the other vegetables.


Two sardines, potatoes cut into cubes, peas, left-over vegetables, beetroot; put the cubed vegetables in a cup of lettuce.

Salmon, potato cubes, peas, beetroot, carrots.

Lettuce, grilled bacon pieces, small pieces of sausage, cubed potatoes and beetroot.

Lettuce, cucumber slices, tomatoes, peas, beetroot.

One tinned herring lying in a curled lettuce leaf and decorated with salad cream; arrange a pile of green peas in the centre of the salad cream.

Lettuce leaves on a plate with a centre pile of peas. Surround the peas with quartered tomatoes, then circle of diced beetroot and beans, then finish with a circle of diced potatoes and peas. Lay four sardines crossways on the top in the centre and decorate with salad cream.

Fruit salads are a great favourite with my family. On lettuce leaves place quartered apple, orange sections and jelly cubes; make a centre pile of seedless raisins and a few nuts. Dabs of mock cream can be used instead of salad cream.

Stuffed lettuce is nice. Take out the centre of a lettuce and pack with creamed cheese, diced carrots, peas, beetroot and shredded onion.

Apple delight salad is delicious. Halve apples, dip in syrup, cover with breadcrumbs and bake in the oven. Leave them to get cold, then place in the centre of a curly lettuce leaf. On top of the apple place a dab of currant jelly.

Mock banana salad is another delicious dish. Wash parsnips and cook until tender, add sugar and banana essence and mash well. Place in the centre of a crisp lettuce. If desired, real banana slices may decorate the outside of this dish.

Cheese salad. Grate beetroot, carrot and turnip, and chop green savoy very fine. Put this mixture on plates, then grate cheese over it and add a sprinkling of cress.

SALAD DRESSING ½ teaspoonful salt, 1 ½ cupfuls vegetable oil, yolks of 2 eggs, 4 tablespoonfuls vinegar, 1 teaspoonful sugar.

Have all ingredients cold. Add salt, sugar and vinegar to egg; yolks and beat well. Add oil slowly, beating constantly until all the oil is added.

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