His Majesty King George V, son of King Edward VII. and Queen Alexandra.— Born at Marlborough House, on June 3rd, 1865. Married Princess Mary on July 6th, 1893. King on May 6th, 1910.

Her Majesty Queen Mary, daughter of Francis, Duke of Teck, and Princess Marie Adelaide.— Born at Kensington Palace on May 26th, 1867.

His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, Edward Albert.— Born June 23rd, 1894.

His Royal Highness the Duke of York, Albert George.— Born December 14th, 1895. Married April 26th, 1923. Daughters born, April 21st, 1926, and August 21st, 1930.

Her Royal Highness Princess

Mary (Princess Royal).


April 25th, 1897. Married

February 28th, 1922. Sons born February 7th, 1923, and August 25th, 1924.

His Royal Highness Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester.— Born March 31st, 1900.

His Royal Highness Prince George.

Born December 20th, 1902.

His Royal Highness Prince John.

Born July 12th, 1905. Died January 18th, 1919.

The King’s Mother.

Queen Alexandra, daughter of King Christian IX., of Denmark. Born December 1st, 1844. Married H.R.H. the Prince of Wales, who became King Edward VII. Died at Sandringham, Nov. 20th, 1925.