Rheumatism is a general term describing pain which affects the muscles and joints. It covers many conditions, including osteoarthritis, a joint disorder, usually of late middle age, triggered by wear and tear in the joints included in which the protective, shock-absorbing, rubbery substance called cartilage between the bones wears away. Osteoarthritis is thought to affect almost 90% of people over the age of 60, mainly in the hips, knees and shoulders.

Fibrositis – inflammation of white fibrous tissue, especially that of muscle sheaths – also comes under the heading rheumatism. So does rheumatoid arthritis, caused by a progressive swelling of the joints and one of the most crippling of all the rheumatic diseases.

The most widely used pain-relieving treatment is aspirin, but other anti-inflammatory painkillers, ibuprofen, for example, can help . Rheumatic pain can also be relieved with heat from a hot water bottle, rheumatic liniments and sprays: these treatments work by a process known as counter-irritation, something that causes superficial irritation of the skin and thereby relieves deep-seated pain. For more severe symptoms, your doctor can prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs or stronger painkillers, and perhaps arrange for physiotherapy. In extreme cases, an operation may be necessary to replace the damaged joint with an artificial one.

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