Replacing A WC Connection – Fixing A Leaking Lavatory Joint

A leaking lavatory joint between a lavatory pan and its soil pipe should be attended to immediately —even if you can only carry out a temporary repair.

  • As an emergency measure, clean and dry the area thoroughly and wrap it tightly with heavy duty sealing bandage such as Sylglas.
  • This should be viewed as a temporary solution only, so remake the joint as soon as possible.
  • The soil pipe will be connec-ted to the pan in one of three different ways.
  • The oldest method used for earthenware and iron soil pipes was to caulk the joint with tarred hemp and then fill it with cement and sand mix.
  • In later years these joints were often packed with putty, and most recently plastic connectors have been used to join the pan and soil pipe.
  • To reseal a sand and cement joint could pose some severe problems.
  • It entails chopping out the cement, which is very difficult to do without breaking either the pan outlet or the collar of the soil pipe.

1. If the joint is packed with putty this will have set hard but it is not too difficult to scrape out using an old screwdriver.

The easiest way to remake the joint is to fit a plastic soil pipe connector. To do this, you’ll need to take the lavatory pan right out.

replacing a wc connectionUnless you are dealing with a close-coupled lavatory pan start by disconnecting the flush pipe at the back of the pan. This is usually held by a plastic sleeve which you simply roll back.

2. Remove the screws holding the base of the pan to the floor and lift the pan out of the way —be careful though, it’s heavy. If the lavatory has a solid floor, the pan will probably be bedded into a mound of mortar to keep it level. The only thing you can do in this case is to try to wriggle the pan free — prising it from underneath could break it.

3. Clean the outlet of the pan. And the collar of the soil pipe before fitting a flexible plastic connector such as a Multikwik.

One end of this fits into the soil pipe socket.

4. The other end fits over the pan waste outlet.

You can then replace the lava-tory pan and screw back to the floor. The plastic connector has enough flexibility to allow for any slight discrepancies in the alignment of the pan outlet and the soil pipe.

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