If you are fitting a new washer on a Supatap, it§ not necessary to turn off the water as the body of the tap contains a check valve which automatically stops the flow. But unlike ordinary taps, where you simply replace the washer on its own, Supatap washers come attached to brass mushroomshaped units called jumpers. The entire assembly has to be replaced, so make sure you get the right one.

1. Start by holding the nozzle in one hand and loosening the gland nut with your fingers, or a spanner if necessary.

REPLACING A SUPATAP WASHERNext, unscrew the nozzle in an anticlockwise direction —remember all Supataps have a left hand thread. When you do this, the water flow will initially increase, but then stop once the check valve falls into position.

Once the nozzle has been removed, press the small projection at the end to release the ant Isplash device.

If you then turn the nozzle upside down, the antisplash unit should fall out.

2. Clean with a nailbrush, and remove the old washer/jumper unit.

If it fits tightly, lever it out carefully with a screwdriver.

3. Insert the new unit into the antisplash device and reassemble the tap, making sure that the antisplash device is correctly located.

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