Reflexology is similar to Shiatsu in that it is another form of pressure-point massage but, unlike Shiatsu, the points that are massaged are all on the sole of the foot. Sometimes also known as foot-zone therapy, or the Ingham reflex method (after one of its main proponents, Eunice Ingham, 1889-1974), reflexology assumes that the whole body can be divided into 10 channels running from the toes to the fingers and the head. Each channel relates to a zone of the body and the whole body can be represented in a map on the sole of the foot with different points on the sole corresponding to different body organs. A possible expla- nation might be that there is a relation between skin-reflex zones, muscle-reflex zones and the foot sole massage. Reflexologists claim that by massaging the appropriate point or points on the foot they can treat specific disorders or organs of the body. By using thumb pressure on the several parts of the feet and so locating painful sites, it is also possible to diagnose disturbances in the human body.