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Redworms, brandlings and other worms

Rcdworms and brandlings are excellent baits but they are not quite so easy to obtain as lobworms. Red-worms, sometimes called cockspur, thrive in compost heaps and unless you know a keen gardener locally the only way to ensure a ready supply is to create a small compost heap in your garden. Brandlings can also be found in compost heaps but they thrive better in manure heaps and unless you live near a farm you are unlikely to find an easy supply. Another type of worm to be found on the fringe of a compost heap is the gilt tail. This tiny worm is red at the head and has a yellowish tip to its tail. Unlike most worms it is rather stiff and does not wriggle but it is excellent bait for grayling and trout. redworms, brandlings and gilt tails should be fished on a hook size 10 to 16 depending on the size of the worm. The ordinary garden worms encountered whilst digging will all catch fish but are not as effective as the ones I have mentioned.

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