Albumen Water

Take the white of an egg and cut it through several times with a knife. Add to it a gill of ice-cold water and mix without beating. It is sometimes more palatable flavoured with lemon juice, if allowed.

Apple Snow

One large or two small apples, white of one egg, rind of half a lemon, castor sugar, a little cream or boiled custard.

Peel and core the apples and cut them into quarters. Put into a saucepan with the lemon rind, cut very thinly, add a little water, and cook until the apple is quite soft. Then tako out the lemon rind. When the apple is cold, beat it to a pulp, and stir in the stiffly whisked white of egg; add the castor sugar gradually and continue to whisk until the mixture is quite stiff. Serve with cream or custard.

Barley Water, Clear

One pint of boiling water, 2 oz. Pearl barley and rind and juice of one lemon and about four lumps of sugar.

Blanch the barley by covering it with cold water and bringing it to the boil, then strain it. Put the barley into a jug, add the sugar, the thinly-eut rind of lemon and the strained juice, and pour on the boiling water. Allow to cool. When cold, strain and it is ready for use.

Barley Water, Thick

One pint of water, 2 oz. Pearl barley, four lumps of sugar. Put the blanched barley into a saucepan with the water and add sugar, and boil until it is reduced by about one-third. Strain and allow to cool. This can be used to dilute milk.

Beef Tea

J pint of cold water, h lb. Of lean buttock or rump steak, salt.

Remove all fat, skin, and gristle, and shred the meat finely. Put into a jar with the water and salt and cover it with greaseproof paper. Stand the jar in a slow oven or in a saucepan of water and allow to cook slowly for two hours. Remove all fat from the top with kitchen paper.

Boef Tea, Raw

Half a teacupful of water, 2 oz. Of lean beef and a little salt. Prepare the beef by removing fat, skin and gristle, shred it finely. Place in a jar with the water and salt and stand in a warm place, pressing the juice out of the meat with a fork from time to time. An hour should be allowed to extract the juice, then strain. It is best served in a coloured glass to disguise its appearance.

Cream of Chicken, Veal or Rabbit

4 oz. Meat (raw), cupful of milk, l oz. Butter, & gill of cream, a table-spoonful of bread-crumbs, white of one egg-Scrape and pound the meat. Warm the milk and mix with the butter and bread-crumbs, add gradually to the pounded meat, working all smoothly together. Pass through a fine sieve, season to taste, and add I a gill of cream and the stiffly-whisked white of one egg. Steam in a buttered mould or basin for half an hour, then turn out and serve with white sauce. 13

Custard Pudding

J- pint of milk. One egg, one dessertspoonful of castor sugar.

Beat the egg, add the milk and sugar, pour into a buttered dish, stand this in another containing water, and bake in a moderate oven for a quarter of an hour.

The custard may be steamed in a buttered mould for about twenty minutes.

Egg Flip

A new-laid egg, a dessert-spoonful of castor sugar, a tablcspoonful of brandy or the juice of half a lemon.

Beat the yolk up in a glass with the: sugar and brandy or lemon juice. Whisk the white of egg stiffly, then put it lightly into the mixture in the glase. Serve immediately.

Fish Souffld

lb. White fish. 1 oz. Flour, 1 oz. Butter, two eggs, I cupful ol milk or fish stock, seasoning. White sauce.

Remove all skin and bono from fish. Melt the butter in a saucepan, stir in the flour, add the milk and cook until the mixture leaves the sides of the pan clean. Pound the fish with this mixture and the yolks of eggs, season to taste and pass ali through a fine sieve. Beat the whites of eggS stiffly and stir lightly into- the sieved mixture. Put into a well-buttered souffle tin. The tin should have a band of buttered paper tied round to prevent the Sduffle overflowing when it rises. Steam for forty minutes. Serve with sauce.

Fruit Milk Jelly

Dissolve a fruit jelly in half the amount of boiling water stated on the packet, allow to stand until about to set, then beat it up and add cold milk to make up the correct amount of fluid, beat well, pour into a mould and allow to set.

Imperial Drink

Pour the juice of one lemon into a jug, add h oz. Of cream of tartar, 4 oz. Of white sugar, of a little saccharine. Add a quart of boiling water. Keep stirring for five minutes, then cover and let it stand until cold.

Strain before serving. It can be used with an equal quantity of plain water, or soda-water.

Irish Moss

Most beneficial for all chest complaints. Thoroughly cleanse carrageen moss (obtainable from a chemist) in cold water, then put into a double-saucepan, cover with cold water. Cook very slowly for three hours or until the moss is quite soft. Strain into a basin and let it set into a jelly. Put one table-spoonful of the jelly into a cupful or glassful of hot milk, sweeten to taste. This; is a very pleasant and nourishing drink.

Lemon Sponge

One lemon, white of one egg, 1 oz. Of leaf gelatine, 1 oz. Of castor sugar,pint of water.

Put the water, sugar and gelatine into ajSaueepan, add the thinly-cut lemon rind, heat and stir until the gelatine has dissolved., , ,S,train into a basin in which the whitepijieggnd lemon have been mixed together.,, Wh,isk all together until a siff-.;.froth ,, 8, -.obtained. Pour into a wetjte$.niQuld,,and leave to set. Serve as t&fBP evfoeaiCI .UaX, who dislike milk can often be persuaded to drink a glass of hot milk if a teaspoonful o mea,tj,,extct,,has.,iberi added. This drink:,is,,particularly,…beneficial to any patient suffering with nervous, debility, weakness, orjWasting_cefts$8.h.: MUJJellyffalf. Pin.t.qf.nk, 1 oz.

Lump sugar, zJ,,gelatine and,rind of ,PtJtheiiingref ients into a,saucepan and stir over heat until the gejatine, is dissolved.

But do not boil. Strain into a basin and allow to stand, stirring occasionally, until it is creamy, then pour into wetted moulds and allow to sot.

Milk Puddings

Allow 1-5-2 oz. Of grain to every pint of milk and about 5 oz. Of sugar.

Wash the grain, put into a saucepan with the milk and let it simmer until the. Milk is thick, add the sugar and flavouring and a well-beaten egg (if desired), pour into a greased pie-dish and bake in a moderate oven for half an hour. In a gas oven stand the dish in a pan of water to prevent burning.

If no egg is added, a piece of butter the size of a walnut stirred in is an improvement.

For rice pudding, the whole rice is some-times put into a greased pie-dish with the milk and sugar and baked very slowly for two or three hours. In this case it is advisable to stir it with a fork from time to time to prevent its becoming lumpy.

Minced Mutton Chop

The lean meat is removed from a mutton chop and finely minced by hand. Melt J- oz. Of butter in a saucepan and when hot, put in the meat and cook very gently for ten minutes. Season the mince lightly and serve with toast.

Oatmeal Gruel

One pint of milk and water, one tablespoonful of fine oatmeal, a pinch of salt, sugar to taste.

Mix the oatmeal with a little cold water. Boil the milk, add the oatmeal, and stir till boiling, then allow to simmer for half an hour, stirring frequently. Strain and add the salt and sugar to taste.

Steamed Cutlet or Chop

Remove the fat, and place the cutlet on a buttered soup plate, sprinkle with salt and pepper. Cover the plate and place on a saucepan of boiling water, allowing it to cook for three-quarters of an hour. Serve in its own gravy, with mashed potato and any other vegetable allowed, and garnish with parsley . Sweetbread

Blanch a fresh calfs sweetbread by bringing it to the boil. When cold, trim away all gristle and fat, place in a pan with sufficient flavoured stock to cover, and simmer gently for half an hour. Place between two plates and press it until cold, then cut into slices, coat with egg and bread-crumbs, and fry a golden brown in hot butter.

If preferred, the sweetbread may be stewed. In this case allow it to cook slowly for an hour, with seasoned stock and a little lean bacon. Make a cupful of white sauce, stir into it the beaten yolk of an egg, and flavour it with a little lemon juice. Serve the sweetbread with the sauce poured over it.

Toast Water

Toast a slice of bread until dark brown, put into a jug, and pour over a pint of boiling water. Strain when quite cold, and serve with a little lemon juice added.

Velvet Cream

£ ounco of gelatine, £ pint of milk, 1 gill of cream, 3 ounces of castor sugar, a little lemon juice.

Dissolve the gelatine in milk over the fire, allow it to cool, then add sugar, lemon juice and whipped cream. Mix lightly and pour into a wetted mould.