Raspberry Liqueur

Fruit liqueurs are fun to make and not too expensive either when the fruits are in season. This is a particularly simple drink to make – and it tastes marvellous too, on its own or with soda water.



1 lb. fresh raspberries, hulled

2 pints gin

6 oz. sugar

2 teaspoon grated nutmeg

Crush the raspberries and place them in a large mixing bowl. Pour over the gin and mix well. Add the sugar and nutmeg and stir to blend.

Pour the mixture into a large jug or crock and cork it tightly. Set the jug or crock aside in a warm place and allow the mixture to infuse for 60 days.

Sterilize and dry two bottles. Uncork the jug or crock and strain the mixture through very fine cheesecloth into a clean jug. Squeeze out any raspberry pulp remaining in the cheesecloth with your hands to extract the liquid. Discard the raspberry pulp. Pour the liquid into the bottles.

Seal the bottles and set them aside for at least 1 week before serving. The longer you leave the liqueur to mature the better it will be.

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