Raised Pie

The raised pie is a traditionally English method of making a pie.

It is thought that the pie’s origin was one of convenience; it needed no cooking dish, kept well in a cool place and was ideal for outside farm workers, as it could be easily carried.

The raised pic is made with HOT WATER CRUST PASTRY, which is shaped, or raised, around a cylindrical mould. The pastry is allowed to cool and the mould removed. This makes an edible container which needs no support and may be filled with a savoury filling.

The most popular fillings are pork, and veal and ham. Hard-boiled eggs are often placed in the centre of the filling.

Herbs and, sometimes, fruit are mixed with the fillings.

Raised pies may be served hot, but most often they are served cold, in which case a strong, home-made, well seasoned stock is required. When the pie is cooked, the stock is poured into it and the pie is placed in a cool place until the stock has set to a jelly. If strong home-made stock is not available, a little dissolved gelatine (2- ounce to 1 pint ) may be added to assist the setting of the stock.

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