Raclettc is a Swiss cheese dish and is a speciality of the canton of Valais, although it is now served throughout

Switzerland. The name raclette is French and means literally, ‘scraper’.

Raclette is made by placing half of a wheel of a Swiss, semi-soft cheese such as Bagnes or Appenzell, close to an open fire, or a special electric appliance, which melts the cheese. When the surface of the cheese has melted it is scraped, with a large knife, on to a hot serving plate. This method of making raclette is nowadays mainly used in restaurants.

Like the fondue pot, the individual raclette maker is becoming increasingly popular among home entertainers both inside and outside of Switzerland. A raclctte maker is similar to a fondue set in that it is heated by a methylated spirit burner on which individual raclette pans are put. Thin slices of cheese are placed in the pans and when they are melted the cheese is scraped onto a serving plate.

Traditional accompaniments to raclette are potatoes baked in their jackets, pickled onions and gherkins. This dish is complemented by a strong white Swiss wine.

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