The diet of rabbits ranges throughout the vegetable kingdom, but they should not be allowed to over-eat; their favourite food is parsley, carrots and celery. Bran is very good for them and also a few tea leaves mixed with oatmeal. They should never be given sorrel or potato parings. They do not require much water, but a little fresh skimmed milk does them no harm. They should be kept very clean and dry, and out of the draughts.

All projecting wooden portions of the hutches should be painted with paraffin occasionally; this keeps the animals from gnawing away the woodwork. As young bucks grow to adult age, they should be separated, otherwise they are liable to fight. These pets do not suffer much from disease when kept under healthy outdoor conditions of life. But rabbits suffer a good deal from errors of feeding, and from being given wet green food. ¦ Hutches that admit damp and wet, that are in sunless positions, or that are too small to allow exercise, are often fruitful causes of trouble.