Ab uno disce omnes—From a single instance you may infer the whole {Latin). Abusus non tollit usum—Abuse is no argument (Latin). Adhuc sub judice lis est—The affair is not yet decided (Latin). Ad majorem Dei gloriam—To the greater glory of God (Motto o the Jesuits). Mgrescit medendo—The remedy is worse than the disease (Lathi). Age quod agis—Attend to what you are doing (Latin). Aide-lot, le del t’aidera—Help yourself and Heaven will help you (French). Alieni appetens, sui profusus—

Covetous of other men’s property, prodigal of his own ‘ (Latin). Aliquando bonus dormitat Homerus —Sometimes even the good

Homer nods (Latin). Amicus Plato, sed magis arnica Veritas—Plato is my friend, but truth is a greater one (Latin). Aquila non capit tnuscas—An eagle does not catch flies (Latin). Artis est celare artem—True art is in concealing art (Latin). Auri sacra fames—The accursed thirst for gold (Latin). Aut Caesar, aut nullus—Ca?sar or nothing (Latin). Bis dat qui cito dat—He gives twice who gives quickly (Latin). Bon chien chassc de race—Children have the qualities of their parents (French). 250

Brevis esse luboro, obscurus fio—

When labouring to be concise,

I become obscure (Latin). Ccclant anna toga—Let the army give place to the civil power (Latin). Ce n’est que le premier pas qui coikie—It is only the first step that is difficult (French). Cogito ergo sum—I think, therefore I am (Latin). Consuetudo pro lege servalur—

Custom is law (Latin). Credat Judesus Ape I la—Let Apella the Jew believe that (Latin). De guslibus non disptttandum est— There is no disputing what is a matter of taste (Latin). De tnortuis nil nisi bonum—Speak nothing but what is good of the dead (Latin). De nihilo nihil fit—Out of nothing, nothing comes (Latin). Disponendo me, non mutando me— By disposing of mc but not by changing me (Latin). , Dulce est desipere in loco—A joke in its proper place is quite agreeable (Latin). Dulce et decorum est pro palria mori—It is sweet and desirable to die for one’s country (Latin). Dura spiro, spcro—While I live, I hope (Latin). Est modus in rebus—There is a mean to all things (Latin). Exceptio probat regulam—Exception tests the rule (Latin). Ex ungue leoncm—The lion is known by his claw (Latin). Fact lis est descensus in Averni— The descent to Hell is easy (Latin). Facit indignatio versum—Anger inspires a song (Latin). Fas est et ab hoste doceri—It is desirable to learn, even from an enemy (Latin). Fiat justitia, ruat cesium—Let justice be done, though the heavens fall (Latin). Fortuna mullis dat nimium, nulli satis—Fortune gives too much to many, but not enough to anyone (Latin). Gaudeamus—Let us rejoice (Latin). Gutta cavat lapidem non vi, sed semper calendo—The drop wears the stone, not by force, but by constant dripping (Latin). lievcolim olim meminsse juvabit— t Some day- we shall recall this with joy (Latin). Ignorantia legis excusat neminem— Ignorance of the law is no excuse (Latin). II n’a ni bouche ni eperon—He has neither wit nor energy (French). In vino Veritas—There is truth in wine (Latin). Ira furor brevis est—Anger is a temporary madness (Latin). La critique est aisde, et I’art est difficile—Criticism is easy, and art is difficult (French). Laudare a viro laudato—To be praised by one who has received praise himself (Latin). Lcs affaires sont les homines— Business makes the men (French). Litera scripta manet—The written letter remains as proof (Latin). Magna civitas, magna solitudo— A great city is a great desert (Latin). Magna est Veritas, el pravalebil—

Truth is great and will prevail (Latin). Magna vis consuetudinis—Great is the force of habit (Latin). Mens sana in corpore sano—A sound mind in a healthy body (Latin). Mihi cura futuri—My care is for the future (Latin). Monstrum nulla virlute redemplum a vitiis—A wretch whose vices are unrelieved by a single virtue (Latin). Mtitalo nomine, de te fabula narratur—If you change the name, the tale will apply to yourself (Latin). Natura lo fece, e poi ruppe la stampa—Nature made him, and then broke the mould (Italian). Nee Deus inter sit, nisi dignus vendice nodus—Do not invoke

God, unless the difficulty warrants his intervention (Latin). Nee quaircre nee spernere honorem— Neither seek nor despise honours (Latin). Nee scire fas omnia est—It is not permitted that we know everything (Latin). Ne Jupiter quidem omnibus placet— Even Jupiter cannot please everyone (Latin). Nemo me laccssit impune—Nobody jures me with impunity (Latin). Nisi Dominus fruslra—Without the Lord, we strive in vain (Latin). Nobilitatis virtus non stemma character—Virtue, not birth, should indicate nobility (Latin). Non est vivere, sed valere vita— Life consists not in mere existence, but in the enjoyment of health (Latin). Non omnis moriar—I shall not entirely die (Latin). Nous avons change’ tout cela—We have changed all that (French). Obsequium amicos, Veritas odium parit—Flattery procures friends —truth, enemies (Latin). Omnia bona bonis—All things are good to the virtuous (Latin). 0 tempora, 0 mores!—Oh thetimes and the manners! (Latin). Passato it pericolo, gabbato il santo—When the danger is past, the patron saint is derided (Italian). Patria cara, sed carior libertas—

Dear is my country, but liberty is dearer (Latin). Post cineres gloria sera venit—

Fame comes too late to our ashes (Latin). Ques fucrunt vitia, mores sunt—

What were formerly vices are now good manners (Latin). Quis custodiet ipsos cits lodes?— Who will watch over the guards themselves ? (Latin). Quod scripsi, scripsi I—What I have written, I have written (Latin). Qitos Deus vult perdere, prius dementat—Those whom God would destroy, he first makes mad (Latin). Refero relata—I repeat it as I heard it (Latin). Rem acu teligisti—You have touched it with the point of a needle (Latin). Revenons a nos moutons—Let us return to the subject (French). Salus populi suprema lex est— The supreme law is the good of the people (Latin). Sempre il mat non viene per nuocere—Evil does not always come to injure (Italian). Se non e vera, $ ben trovato—If it is not true, it is well invented (Italian).

Sic transit gloria mundi—So p the glory of the world (Latin). Si monumentuin quarts, circum- spicel—If you seek his monument look around you (Latin). Sit tibi terra levis—May the earth lie lightly upon thy grave (Latin). Si vis pacem, para be Hum—If you want peace, prepare for war (Latin). Sum quod eris, fui quod es—I am what thou wilt be, thou art what I was (Latin). Tantcene animis ccclestibits ires?— Do the gods cherish such anger ? (Latin). Tarda venicntibus ossa—Those coming late to the feast find nothing but bones (Latin). Tempora mutatttur, nos et mutamur in illis—The times change, and we with them (Latin). Tempus fugit, et nunquan rcver- titur—Time flies and never returns (Latin). Timeo Danaos, et dona fcreates-— I fear the Greeks, especially when they bring gifts (Latin). Tirer le Diable par le queue—To pull the Devil by the tail (French). Ubi jus incertum, ibi jus nullum-—

Where the law is uncertain, there is no law (Latin). Urbi et orbil—For the city (I.e.,

Rome) and the world (Latin). Utriim horum mavis accipe—Take whichever you prefer (Latin). Vacuus cantat coram latrone viator —The traveller with an empty purse, sings in the presence of the robber (Latin). Valeat quantum, valere potest— Let it go for what it is worth (Latin). Ventre aflame’ n’a point d’oreilles-—

A hungry stomach has no ears (French). Video meliora proboque, dcteriora sequor—I see and approve the better, and follow the worse (Latin). Virtuti non armis fido—-I trust to virtue and not arms (Latin). Voila une autre chose—That’s quite another matter (French.). Vox populi, vox Dei—The voice of the people is the voice of God.