Before storing away winter clothes and costumes, turn over lapels, turn out pockets and brush away loose dirt. Be sure the coat-hangers are big enough to fit to the shoulders of the garments so that they do not lose their shape.

Pack winter gloves well with paper. Polish all handbags and see that all drawers are spotless and freshly lined with paper before packing with the winter clothes and woollens.

All drawers, crevices and wardrobes against moth.

Household and washing hints

Here is a short summary of my household and washing hints for your record book under that title.

A cork nailed to the skirting of the wall prevents a door knocking the wall every time it is opened carelessly. Paint the cork to match the skirting board.

Dip an ordinary cork in a good cleansing powder and scour the knives.

To prevent the edges of the carpet from turning up, put a piece of tin into the corners of the carpet and run the tin into the scams.

Fix a rubber band to the legs of the sideboard, chairs and piano. The bands take the knocks from the brush and sweeper. You can paint the bands the colour of the furniture if you desire.

Put a cork mat below each flower vase to prevent the vase from marking the furniture, or from slipping.

Before polishing furniture wipe it with a cloth dipped in vinegar and water – it will polish easier and no finger-marks will show.

A pail of water placed in a freshly painted room will remove the odour.

A roomy apron, with four big pockets along the front, will save you walking about for your cleaning materials – the pockets will hold rubbish, things to be put away, and cleaning cloths.

Make a pocket under your ironing board to take two pressing cloths – one for light garments, one for dark.

Fix a small pocket to the bottom of the hall curtain at the back. In the pocket put a clotheB brush and a handy duster.

Fix a pocket behind the firescreen – then you don’t have to walk to and from the kitchen every time you want to clear out the cigarette cartons, etc. You can clean out the pocket once a week.

A pocket on a divan arm, chair-arm, and pouffe become nice ‘hide-outs’ for tobacco tins or pouches and magazines.

When putting rods through curtains, place a piece of waxed paper over the leading end of the rod and it will not catch on the curtain. A thimble, tied on the rod, will serve the same purpose.

Put a cardboard disk inside an old lampshade and you get a foundation for a waste-paper basket. Cover with odd material.

Add a little wax to the water when mopping your lino. It helps to keep it nice and bright.

Use an old pram for a garden wheel-table. You will find it very useful.

Polish mirrors with a soft rag dipped in cold tea.

For a stubborn lock, dip your key into machine oil – then turn it several times in the lock.

Put dust caps over electric fans and fires when nor in use.

Never use furniture polish, furniture oils or varnish on leather; they contain ingredients that soften the leather.

Cover rough places on your mattresses with adhesive tape, then the rough parts or ragged corners will not tear the overlay and sheets.

Fix cup-hooks to a small hoard and fix the hoard on the kitchen door. On this board hang; all the household keys.

Fix a rubber, pencil, tin-opener and prncil-sharpener to a key ring and fix the rineon one of rhe cup-hooks on rhe kitchen board.

If a piece of trellis is fixed behind the hack door and pegs added you get a nice ‘hold-all ‘for outdoor clothes.

An old shaving-brush is good for getting into pleated lampshades. Picture corners, or fluted vases.

Burn out your dustbin now and then and disinfect it regularly.

If you are sending a hook by post fix folded cardboard at the edges and the book will arrive without bent edges.

When you send a box with a bow of ribbon, put tissue-paper or cotton-wool inside the loops and they will arrive unsquashed.

When addressing parcels use a matchstick to write the address Save all cartons, fill with coal-dust, then pour the tea leaves on them and the coal will form into briquettes. Use these to bank up the fire.

To prevent leather gloves from becoming hard and dry when you clean them, put a little paraffin in the cleaning fluid.

Rub an oiled rag along the curtain-rail and the curtains will glide along.

Oil chair castors, locks, hinges, sweepers and clocks when you spring-clean and they will not trouble you during the year.