pruritus vulvae (Vulvar itching)

Itching of the external female sex organs. It can have many causes. The itching can be the consequence of vaginitis ; the accompanying discharge irritates the vulva. A venereal disease such as syphilis or gonorrhoea often causes itching; crab louse and scabies on the vulva can also cause it. Some general disorders such as diabetes are associated with itching because regular infections occur. Skin diseases often also affect the vulva. Cancer of the vulva, and its preliminary stages, usually occur only in older women (60 to 80 years old). Itching after the menopause is often the consequence of atrophy of the vulva. The vulva is very sensitive. Insufficient or excessive cleaning, soap and vaginal spray can cause irritation and itching. Finally, itching can also have a psychological cause: neurodermatitis.