Poultry Diseases

Poultry Diseases

Intending poultry keepers may think fowls are prone to many ailments, but common-sense feeding and attention to cleanliness will eliminate 99 per cent of poultry diseases. Lack of cleanliness affords conditions favourable to increase of bacteria and parasites, reduction in power of resistance. Dampness reduces vitality and leads to chills and inflammation. Tainted soil acts as a slow poison, and manure as a breeding ground for parasites.

Sunlight is the finest germicide, and fresh air provides Aygen, which strengthens resistance to ailments. Many diseases of poultry are due to unsuitable or too rich food, or to overfeeding. Disinfect drinking water.

Poultry DiseasesWhen buying birds, always examine them carefully for any sign of disease. It is safer to keep the newcomers away from the rest of the poultry until you are sure they are not carriers of disease..

The diagnosis of many diseases is not difficult as the symptoms are so apparent: a discoloured comb, a ruffled plumage, a listless appearance, contracted neck, and lack of appetite are general signs of ill health; and peculiar symptoms will be evident in growths or swellings, abnormal excrement, high temperature, etc. If the bird is obviously below par, it should be at once isolated, and if there is any uncertainty or if the outbreak is serious, application for advice should be made without delay to a qualified expert.

Common Poultry Diseases

The following ailments are most easily treated by the poultry keeper.

Scaly leg.

Caused by a parasite and is easily recognized by the unsightly legs. Washing with Fat soap and an application of sulphur ointment or paraffin is effective.


Affects only chickens and turkeys and checks normal breathing. It is possible to dislodge the worms causing the gaping from the windpipe with a small feather dipped into turpentine and the birds can then cough up the worms.


Poultry keepers often refer to B.W.D. Of chickens. This stands for Bacillary White Diarrhoea and is due to chills and unsound food. This will often carry off chicks only a few days old. If this is prevalent, make sure to isolate victims and disinfect the incubator and foster-mother and all appliancqa used; burn the bodies of infected chicks and be careful not to carry infeqion yourself.

Soft crop, or crop distended with gas.

Affects grown birds but .can be remedied by liberating the gas through an aspiratory needle and

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