Boil an ox-cheek until the meat leaves the bones. When cold remove the fat from the top, scrape the meat from the bones, and chop fine. Season with pepper and salt, and place in moulds. Warm up the liquid, which wil! Have formed into a jelly, and pour over the meat.

Collared Head and Tongue

Take a salted pigs head and a fresh beef tongue. Boil slowly for four hours, when the meat should fall oil the head bones. Skin the tongue quickly, and mince up both head and tongue while hot. Season with a quarter of an ounce of whole black pepper, a quarter of an ounce of whole allspice well crushed, and a dash of cayonne pepper. Press into an earthenware mould, and place a plate or saucer on the top with a weight to press down. Turn out next day.

Galantine of Beef

Mince half a pound of lean beef and a quarter of a pound of bacon. Put them into a basin with a quarter of a pound of bread-crumbs. Mix with two well-beaten eggs, and add seasoning to taste. Form into a thick roll, tie in a dry cloth, and boil gently for two hours. When cooked press under weights till cold, and glaze.

Gateau of Ham

Mince a pound of cold ham, including the fat. Boil three ounces of stale bread in a gill of milk, turn into a basin, and beat it up well with a fork. Add the ham, and mix well together. Beat an egg, and thoroughly mix it with the bread and ham. Put into a greased mould, and bake for twenty minutes. Turn out and serve with chipped potatoes.

Potted Corned Beef

Remove the contents of a tin of corned beef, and pass it through a mincing machine. Scatter over it sufficient allspice, pepper, and salt, to make it very tasty; add a dessertspoonful of anchovy sauce and a lump of butter. Mix the ingredients well together, press into pots, and cover with melted butter.

Potted Beef

Mince pieces of cold roast or boiled beef. Mix with six ounces of butter and a little cayenne and mace. Put into jars and pour on the top a layer of clarified butter or lard.

Potted Meat

Take one pound of steak, cut small, and put in a covered jar in a saucepan of water. Cook gently till all the gravy is drawn, then take out the meat, and mince. Add to the gravy a quarter of a pound of butter, two table-spoonfuls of essence of anchovy, and a small teaspoonful of pepper and salt. Put back the meat in the jar, and let it cook gently till hot through. When done, stir occasionally, then press into moulds.

Potted Veal

Pound the remains of cold veal with mace, peppercorns, two or three cloves, and a little salt. Press well down into pots, then cover with clarified butter.

Russian Brawn

Dissolve half an ounce of gelatine in three-quarters of a pint of gravy. Add half a pound of minced beef, and season to taste. Wet a mould, pour in the mixture, and let it stand till firm. Turn out and garnish with sprigs of parsley.

Sheeps Kidney Mould

Chop six sheeps kidneys finely, with half a pound of lean moat and three ounces of suet. Then mix in a teacupful of fine oatmeal and a small minced onion. Season with pepper, salt, and mustard. Stir a well-beaten egg into the mixture, and place all in a buttered mould. Steam for two hours, turn out, and serve with brown gravjr and mashed potatoes.

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