Pomerol is the smallest of the five major wine-producing areas of Bordeaux. It makes only red wine.

Pomerol wines tend to be softer, slightly less full than those produced in the other regions of Bordeaux. For that reason they do not need to be ‘laid down’ to mature for such a long period before they reach their peak of perfection.

Although the wines of Pomerol were not included in the great 1855 classifica-tion of Bordeaux wines, an ‘unofficial’ local division does exist. The quality rating used, however, seems to be rather more flexible than that governing the original ‘official’ classification since over 20 Pomerol chateaux can claim to produce premier cru wines as opposed to three Medocs and one Sauternes granted this distinction in 1855. Of these 20-odd premiers cms, Chateau Pctrus and Chateau Certan are usually considered to be the leading wines of the district.

Pomerol wines go particularly well with chicken, veal and game dishes.

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