Polio alia Diavola

Polio alia Diavola (poh-loh ahl-lah dee-ah-voh-lah) is a well-known Italian dish of grilled chicken basted with a herb and butter sauce. It is very quick to prepare, and so is an ideal dish to make when you in hurry. Serve with boiled new potatoes and a crisp green salad. A well-chilled Soave or Verdiccho Bianco would be the ideal wines to accompany it.

2 X 2 lb. chickens, cut in half lengthways

1 large garlic clove, halved

1 teaspoon salt

2 teaspoon black pepper

4 oz. butter

2 tablespoons olive oil juice of J lemon

1 tablespoon chopped fresh parsley

1 tablespoon chopped fresh basil or

1-g- teaspoons dried basil

Preheat the grill to moderate.

Rub the chicken halves all over with the garlic clove halves, then with the salt and pepper. Discard the garlic and set the chicken aside.

In a small saucepan, melt the butter with the oil over moderate heat. Remove the pan from the heat and stir in the lemon juice, parsley and basil.

Using a pastry brush, brush the chicken halves all over with the butter and herb mixture. Place the chicken halves, skin side down, on the grill rack.

Place the chicken under the grill and grill for 7 to 10 .minutes on each side, basting frequently with the butter and herb mixture.

After 15 minutes, test the chicken by inserting a skewer into one of the thighs. If the juices run clear, they are cooked.

Remove the chicken halves from the grill . Using tongs, transfer the halves to a warmed serving dish and spoon over any remaining butter and herb mixture. Serve immediately.