Planning the week’s meals

THERE are sure to be days when you just can’t think what to give the family for a change. Plan your menus roughly for the whole week, then plan in detail for two days ahead. This system will enable you to serve tasty meals.


Steamed, seasoned tomatoes on toast.

Sausages and fried slices of apple.

Kipper, bread and butter.

Fried mashed potatoes, tomato sauce on fried bread.

Fish cakes on fried bread.

Bacon and tomato.

Bread toasted on one side, the other side spread with sardines and a sprinkling of tomato sauce and grilled.

Eggs cooked in various ways.

Most mornings riiere is also cereal with stewed apples or warmed syrup, and porridge for those who prefer it to cereal.


Vegetable casserole.

Luncheon sausage and salad.

Seasoned hamburgers.

Corned beef and vegetable salad.

Sausages, creamed potatoes and apple sauce or home-made chutney.

Brown stew sweetened with raisins and apples and served with creamed potatoes. (My children like meat dishes when they are sweet.)

Sunday joint and all the sauces and trimmings I can manage.

Suet puddings are favourites with my family in the winter months. I save all the suet Irom the chops and fat from the meat cuts and the joint and use this in steamed puddings. I vary the flavours of the puddings.

I make a batter pudding every other day, sometimes with currants and sometimes with sausages.

The children love cake slices with custard.

In the winter I always have soup handy and give a cupful to my husband and the children when they come in wet and cold.


Curry and rice.

Soft or hard roes on toast, grated cheese on top.

Liver and onions, creamed potatoes.

Herrings, bread and butter.

Sausages, pancakes seasoned with onion.

Baked beans and fish cakes.

A mixed salad of fruit and vegetables on Saturdays, with slices oi Swiss roll and custard.

For tea on Sunday there is always a collection of sandwiches and the cake of the week. I bake a small cake once a week, also two tarts and one pie. And my family eat a lot of bread and jam and bread and homemade pickles. I see to it that there is always plenty of jam and pickles – I make enough during August and September to last throughout the year.

Members of a family like nothing better than to be able to ‘raid the larder ‘when they come in between meals. I always have odds and ends on a special shelf and all my family know they can eat from this shelf at any time.

I think the nicest welcome home to a husband and family is for them to open the front door and smell something they like cooking, see a nicely set table and a good warm fire. That’s home.

You, the housewife, are the only one who can make such a picture come true.

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